Friday, January 8, 2010

Musashi - A Christmas Present

Musashi, my Christmas puppy

His name is Miyamoto Musashi after the legendary Japanese swordsman.  A legend in the making, this Musashi is a chinese pug, a little puglet actually, and he is absolutely adorable. My dear friend Jaysun gave him to me as a Christmas gift. Jay has the marvelous knack of getting just the right present. Musashi will be keeping Victoria and me company at our townhouse in Hallelujah. I initially brought Musashi to Opar, my country estate, where a number of my pets reside. He got along well with the kittens, Lee and Lum. Nathan Hale, my horse, treated him with regal indifference. But the problem was Mowgli, my Bengal tiger. Musashi  tormented the tiger mercilessly. Musashi would sneak up to a dozing Mowgli and startle the poor thing with some sharp barks just to see him jump. And he chased the 600 pound tiger all through the tall grasses and meadows of Opar and up into the mountains. Mowgli was a nervous wreck. No, Musashi will be a townhouse dog. And he is already feeling very much at home at Hallelujah.

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