Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Photo Mariko - I'm Back

It's been a long while since my last blog post. A heart-breaking tragedy and the sorrow and pain in its aftermath made coming in world very sad. At times, it was too sad to bear.  But, I've started coming in world more often now, and I thought to ease back into blogging with a Photo Mariko. I need an opportunity to smile. So I went through my picture archives to select a set of pictures that warms me to Second Life.  That helped a lot. I'll begin with an egocentric picture. I dropped my aversion to egocentric lead pictures and will lead with a picture most egocentric. When Syd saw this picture, his reaction was 'Whoa ... I wanna to see the back of that dress.' Such a mind ...

Click on the pictures to enlarge them for better viewing.

Lulubelle gave me this clockwork birdie that she found at the bottom of her inventory. The birdie actually flies, and he's big enough to ride. I've been flying him all around Opar, my country estate. I sent a copy to Owly Indigo, knowing that she collects all things avian in Second Life.

I unexpectedly ran into Pixi (opixiqo mumblewood) at Blarney Stone. It's been ages since I last saw her. So, I'm really glad that we renewed our friendship. Her avatar is so whimsically fabulous.

Jaysun and I took a carriage tour of Central Park one evening
at Midnight Manhattan Reverie.

Midnight Manhattan Reverie is an upscale New York inspired community on the sim Virtual Reverie. It features a re-creation of Manhattan's Central Park and surrounding areas. Midnight Manhattan Reverie was designed and built by my friend Lora Chadborne.

Midnight Manhattan Reverie

Note the flipflops on Jaysun's feet. For more on flipflops see:

Sometimes I go exploring by teleporting to a random spot on the Second Life map. Never know what I might run into. I met some people fishing in a swimming pool. 'Eh, What's up, Docs?,' I asked. 'Vampire fishing,' they answered.

Be careful of what you fish for. They were vampire fishing too.

A vampire fishing enthusiast. What's the significance of the number 65?

My friend Leena Ying, owner of DrLife, took me for a joy ride in the attack helicopter she built. Not only does she make the most artistically advanced skins in Second Live, Leena also builds the most advanced military hardware in this virtual world.

Schoolgirl Mariko
I bought this schoolgirl uniform at  a shop selling fashions that are a bit risqué (my friend Aika is a model there). It seemed cute and innocent enough. I spent a day looking cute and innocent. So I thought. Unbeknownst to me, in addition to crayons and markers, the school backpack wantonly displayed shocking and horrid items. So rather than cute and innocent, I was a walking advertisement for ... 

I was considering adding a new feature to the blog - Mariko Uncovered - where I would model sexy lingerie. After taking some preliminary pictures, I didn't think that I could make myself look sexy enough, so I gave up the idea. Besides, I was showing too much butt.  Sorry Syd.

I dropped in on the Zombiepopcorn Carnival. Not a zombie in sight. They must have heard that I was coming. Isn't this wreath fabulous. It's a Bacchus wreath from Vita's Boudoir. The matching outfit is a single grape leaf. I'm certainly not going to wear just that. So I went shopping at an ancient Greece role playing sim and found this cute dress.

Zombie Hunter (October 29, 2010)

Vita's Boudoir

For some reason, I enjoy rezzing food. It gives me a very happy feeling. I especially like seafood and found this wonderful seafood restaurant. It's amazing what you find in Second Life - palaces, castles, intergalaxic spaceships and simple pleasures like a seafood restaurant.

An old friend dropped in on my dining terrace at my villa in Opar. Anakar may look fearsome; but, he's actually very polite and gentlmanly. I sat him at the table and rezzed him a banana split while I had an ice cream sundae, and we chatted about how much Second Life and ourselves have changed since we first met nearly five years ago.

I spent some time with a hookah smoking caterpillar. The poor creature was suppose to enlighten me with words of political wisdom; but, he was incoherent and really didn't know what he believed and why. He talked more about policy and programs than about philosophy. As he prattled on, it was clear that well meaning intentions were more important to him than meaningful results and unintended consequences are always dismissed and scoffed at, after all the intentions were noble. Was his brain addled by what he was smoking? Well, he was smoking progressive politics and inhaling deeply.

I'm always shopping for poses because I write a fashion blog, Mariko Magic.  Now this pose would be perfect for modeling sexy lingerie. Maybe I should reconsider that Mariko Uncovered feature.

A small party celebrated Jaysun's 5th Rezz Day - that's me, W.K. Ganesvoort, Jaysun, Lulubelle, and Painter Meriman. All three men are architects in real life. Lulu and I seem to know a lot of architects here. The object that we're all standing around is a cuddle cupcake.

A Cuddle Cupcake ... What a Wonderful Idea!

Recently, we took a tour of Leesa Donnor's newly designed Solitude Garden at Truthball. It was very lovely and convinced me that Opar needs an updated new design. Well, when I get around to it. I'm in the photo with Jaysun, Amalia Jumanja, and Johnny Firehawk.

This is a nice picture of Jaysun. Note the flipflops.

DC5 Harbour at Open Latte, circa 2009

I saw that someone had posted a comment to my last blog post . What a wonderful surprise. It was from a old friend, DC5 Harbour. DC was one of my favorite people in Second Life and a good, good friend. He left Second Life a long time ago, and I haven't heard from him in a couple of years. So this 'Hello, how are you?' was so unexpected. DC was visiting my homestate of Hawaii with his family. Thank you DC, for thinking of me.

Danny Bowman (Shantu Selene) singing "Dancing in the Moonlight"

Shantu Selene was a pioneer live music performer in Second Life and one of the best performers ever in the virtual world. In real life, Shantu is Danny Bowman, a professional musician and songwriter. Danny now has a real life venue in Sheffield, Illinois called Brothers Pub where he occasionally takes the stage and performs the sets he played in Second Life. Although no longer performing in Second Life, Danny streams his show on the internet to the delight of his Second Life fans. I stream them at Opar my country estate, and, before each performance, I email Danny with my requests for songs. I've also been experimenting with making videos of his songs. The capture software I'm using is not very good; but, I hope you enjoy the two videos that I've posted. Danny is singing "Dancing in the Moonlight" and "Who'll Stop the Rain" just for me.

Rockin' and Rememberin' with Shantu Selene (September 11, 2009)

Danny Bowman (Shantu Selene) singing "Who'll Stop the Rain"

How fragile we are and how ephemeral our existence in this world. And, when the dear and most gentle among us are so inexplicably taken from us, I have to call on my faith and trust the wisdom of a loving God. Faith tells me that the spark of what we are will not be extinguished; that we are not destined for a dark void of nothingness. The spark of what we were in this life shall kindle a flame in the next that will burn beyond the end of time. And when our day comes to leave this world,  we will be greeted and comforted in the hereafter by the glow and warmth of those gentle souls we so dearly miss. Rest in peace, Tomomi.