Friday, October 30, 2009

The Corn Field - A Second Life Halloween Treat

The Corn Field lay dormant for ages. Once a place of banishment where miscreant avatars were sent to contemplate their transgressions, cut off from all communication with the rest of Second Life. Aimless wandering among the rows upon monotonous rows of corn under that dark starry sky might well push one to insanity rather than repentance.  A relic of another virtual age, the Corn Field was closed and passed into legend.

For this Halloween season, Linden Lab opened the Corn Field to the public and has dared the brave at heart and the foolish to enter and put at risk their sanity and their souls. Its a frighteningly fun Halloween experience. To enter the Corn Field is to instantly loose all bearings. But keep your eyes open and your wits about you and you may get out alive. Step over the mangled corpses, creep past the black marauding wolves, and be prepared to face down some ghastly ghosts, creepy ghouls and fiery demons. And beware, the place is crawling with Lindens who have reverted to their true form - to ravenous brain-munching zombies. Happy Halloween.

The Corn Field

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  1. haha...

    "Lindens who have reverted to their true form - to ravished brain-munching zombies."

    Great post Mariko, glad you got to explore the spooky corn field, but let's be serious for just a minute. We don't want people to think that there really is such a thing as a "zombie". Heheh

    Was nice to meet you ^_^

    /me goes back to snacking on tasty human brain.