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Mariko Magic: Alecto - A Touch of Evil

Alecto by House of Rage
We are told that evil is about to evolve. Will it be subtle and seductive? A soft kiss and the flick of a serpent's tongue? That evil is here now. We see it in the new Evolution line of fashions at the House of Rage. Designs of grace and charm with a touch of evil. So it was that I was drawn in by the charming veneer of a most sinister outfit called Alecto. It's a fitting name for a design coming from the House of Rage. In ancient Greek, Alecto means unceasing anger.

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In Greek Mythology, Alecto is one of the Erinyes, called the Furies by the Romans. The Erinyes are three sisters, daughers of Gaea (Earth), who sprang from Gaea as she was fertilized by the blood raining down from Uranus (Heaven) when Cronus, their son and leader of the Titans, castrated the terrible deity at the urging of his mother, as told by the poet Hesiod in his Theogony. The sisters are Alecto (unceasing anger), Tisiphone (avenger of blood), and Magarea (the jealous one). The Erintyes are avenging deities who persecute unpunished criminals with unrelenting fury, especially murderers guilty of patricide, matricide, or fratricide. The sisters unmercifully pursue their guilty targets, howling at them by day and tormenting them in their dreams at night. Their attacks are devastatingly psychological creating unbearable pangs of conscience. So relentless is their pursuit that their victims either go mad or commit suicide. In appearance, the Erinyes are frightening - coils of serpents crown their heads and their eyes dripped blood. They are lead to the guilty by the flaming torch carried by their leader, Alecto.

The Matricide Orestes Pursued by the Furies by Willam-Adolphe Bouguereau (1862)

When I wore Alecto in public for the first time, I was immediately greeted at my favorite pub with 'Mariko, you look ravishing.' This dress has a very affecting allure. It's charm is evident; but, the spiked fur collar hints of the diabolical. Alecto was designed by Lybra Rage, one of the three fashion designers at The House of Rage who created the Evolution line, the others being Topaz Joubert and LovelyMiwako7399 Men. Alecto comes with ripped top, fur jacket, collar fur, miniskirt, miniskirt prim, miniskirt fur, and hose. It sells for L$700.

You can also remove the fur collared jacket and fur skirt to get an attractive look that is quite fetching. I like how it graces my figure.

This really cute shag is from HairARt and is called Sayen. Sayen was designed by Sebass Easterwood and sells for L$220 for one color. Sayen means sweet and lovely in the language of the Mapuche, a native american people indigenous to Chile. This hair style must give me a 1950 retro look. I have been told by various people that I look like Audrey Hepburn, Leslie Caron, and Elizabeth Taylor in this hair. Of course, I'm so flattered and thrilled when people say my avatar reminds them of those classic Hollywood lovelies. What avatar wouldn't be?

House of Rage
The outdoor scenes in this picture collection were taken at World's End Garden. The two interior backgrounds are taken in my Heritage Park mansion in Ocelot Valley.
World's End Garden
I came across Alecto and the House of Rage in the fashion blog of my good friend Meimei Shiu. MeiMei modeled Alecto and other outfits for House of Rage. She looks fabulous. See for your self and take a look at her blog.
Meimei Shiu
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