Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mariko Magic: Deadly Sexy

I love black lace. And I look so sexy in catsuits. So, naturally, I wanted a black lacy catsuit. Wouldn't you know it, I found exactly what I wanted, and it's aptly called Deadly Sexy. Now, I'm ready to go on the prowl.

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Deadly Sexy is the creation of KiRaDaRk Jigsaw, fashion designer and owner of PeKas Design. PeKas Design specializes in Gorean fashions; but, the collection ranges widely from fantasy to casual to formal. The outfits are extremely well done with great detail and design. Deadly Sexy comes with shirt, pants, undershirt, underpants, a belted skirt, gloves, and arm warmers. It is priced at L$250.

Darkness Falls at Pandemonium is a wonderfully spooky place that provided these highly atmospheric backgrounds for the pictures. The misty forests and swamps of Darkness Falls are made to order for this prowling feral feline. But be very cautious. The place is delightfully haunted.

I'm wearing Deadly Sexy without the belted skirt to get that the sleek feline look that I want.

This is the complete outfit with the belted skirt. It's also a great look.

My hair is once again from [kik] hair and is called Fine. Although the collection of styles at [kik] is small, the hair designs are wonderful, and the quality is equal to the best that I have seen in Second Life. Each color set sells for L$100. A six color pack is available for L$300 and a 12 color pack for L$450.

My earrings are from Mandala and are from the store's third anniversary collection called Kabuki. The earrings come in a set of four styles that sells for L$347. They are designed by the store's owner, Kikunosuke eel.

PeKas Design:

[kik] main store:


Darkness Falls at Pandemonium:

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Second Mill Pond Reunion

Quantamus Navarantha performing at the Second Mill Pond Reunion 
Mill Pond with its legendary coffee house, Open  Latte, closed over two years ago; and, yet, this is the second post that I have published motiviated by that unforgettable sim in the past six months. The occasions are the joyful reunions of Mill Pond alumni organized by Truthball Cafe's Leesa Donner and hosted by Johnny Firehawk. Mill Pond and its people touched the virtual lives of many in Second Life. The first Mill Pond Reunion held in February was an enormous success; so successful that they will become a regular event at Truthball. The Second Mill Pond Reunion was held on Saturday, and, again, it was a wonderful opportunity to party with many old friends. Well, let me post some pictures, and I'm looking forward to the next reunion.

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Leesa Donner with her boyfriend Les.

Most Popular Couple: Malcolm Aristocrat and Sparkle Loon. Real world husband and wife
who met in Second Life.

Zoelia Zabaleta

Maggie Haas

Nash Lannoch

Loretta McGinnis

Kirra Sirrah

Zoelia, Me, and Jaysun

Truthball Cafe and Coffee House:

Mill Pond Reunion (February 22, 2011)

Party Host Johnny Firehawk

Friday, August 12, 2011

Cheesecake Mariko: Chocolate Mint

It's about time for dessert. Something chocolate mint I should think. I love the aroma of sweet refreshing chocolate mint, don't you? What shall it be? Chocolate mint cookies do so well with coffee and after dinner drinks. Chocolate mint ice cream is always delightful. Wait! I've got ! We'll have a pan full of wonderful chocolate mint brownies,  still soft and warm from the  oven.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mariko Magic: Established ... Just Because

Established at Just Because
To establish – to bring about, to gain full recognition, to put beyond doubt. To be established is to have achieved all that. And Established by Annie Melson, fashion designer and owner of Just Because, is a statement of who you are and what you made of yourself. Established tells him that you're confident and independent. 'I know where I've been, and I'll get to where I'm going'. 'You're with a strong and undeniably sexy woman.'

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Well, that's quite a statement I must say. I've been featuring a lot of great leather outfits recently. But, this one is truly exceptional. The attention to detail gives this leather jacket a realism that is unsurpassed. Such fine craftsmanship is a hallmark of Annie Melson's collection at Just Because. But it is the casual grace of the whole look that is creating wonderful fashion magic. In the world of Second Life fashion, Established would certainly get my vote for the title of Best New Outfit of the month. Girls, it really is a must have item for your fashion wardrobe.

Established comes with a leather jacket with sculpted sleeves, coat bottom, and collar, a black button down shirt in all layers with sculpted rolled sleeves and collar, *JB* Original Brown Jeans with sculpted pant bottom prims - relaxed and cuffed, and a sculpted prim dark brown belt. Established is available at Just Because for L$450. At the Just Because store in world , you can choose which permissions you want. You can choose this outfit in Copy/Mod or in Mod/Transfer, so you can buy for yourself or for that special person in your life. Gift boxes are available to make your gift giving all the easier.

Established can also be worn without the leather jacket for another great look.

The black shirt with rolled sleeves can be worn tucked or untucked.

The hair that I am wearing is from [kik] hair and is called Olive. Each color set sells for L$100. A six color pack is available for L$300 and a 12 color pack for L$450. My necklace is from Vox, and it's from the Vox Golden Lucidity Jewelry Set designed by Eidolon Aeon. The Lucidity Jewelry Set sells for L$390.

Just Because store at Warwick:

[kik] main store:


These pictures were taken at the German Castle Ruins in Deutsche Burgruine, Frisch. The pictures are windlight free.

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Friday, August 5, 2011

Tub Talk is Back

Tub Talk Hosts Owly Indigo and Catalina Mistwallow
During my first year in Second Life, Thursday evenings were always reserved for the Tub Talk in Hallelujah. They were weekly gatherings where the female residents and friends of Hallelujah would enjoy good camaraderie and girl talk while relaxing in a steamy hot tub (later guys were permitted to join us to provide some eye candy). Owly, Cat, AngieBabe, Ariel and the rest of the girls were always so spontaneous and witty, and the discussions, wide-ranging. They were such fun times. So, I'm thrilled that Owly, et aliae have revived Tub Talk on Tuesday evenings at their sim, Ctrl Shift H. They are as fun as ever. The hot discussion topic of last Tuesday - Lizard Porn on TV!

Click on the pictures to enlarge them for better viewing.

Original Tub Talk circa 2008.  My how our avatars have changed!

The new Tub Talk above the Albatross Coffee House in Ctrl Shift H.

Mariko Nightfire: How can you tell if two lizards are doing it?
Owly Indigo:        Mariko they showed closeups of everything.

Amorous doings of komodo dragons! Maybe I should watch more Discovery Channel, not!

Albatross Coffee House at Ctrl Shift H:

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