Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mariko Magic: City of Darkness

Loshi by GothiCatz

There's something about the look and feel of leather that is so irresistible. Maybe because it's so evocative.  Leather is attitude, confidence, individualism, and rebellion. And maybe because I look so darn hot and sexy in leather. Well, I always have my eye out for that magical leather outfit. So look at what I found at GothiCatz. It's called Loshi.

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Created by Looloo Beck, designer and owner of GothiCatz, Loshi has a powerful look that is dark and post apocalyptic. Loshi comes with a highly detailed, tight leather jacket with sculpted folded up sleeves, a black feather collar, and matching pants with sculpted cuffs and belt. It has deletable menu driven resizers and sells for L$520. Loshi shouts High Adventure! Well, I was up for it. So donning the outfit, I set out looking for danger and intrigue in the Walled City of Kowloon.

Nightfire in the Walled City

Kowloon, the Walled City, in Second Life
Infamous and shadowy, the Walled City of Kowloon was an accident of history, a no-man’s land situated between China and the New Territories of British Hong Kong. Originally, a Chinese outpost with formidable defensive walls, the fort was attacked and briefly occupied by the British in 1899 which established a tenuous British claim on the city. During WWII, the Japanese tore down the walls and used the material to build nearby Kai Tak Airport. After the Japanese surrender, the city was left totally ungoverned as neither the Chinese nor the British exercised control. The Walled City became a haven for criminals and fell under the control of organized crime syndicates known as Triads. The city was infamous for its many brothels, gambling parlors, opium dens, and unlicensed doctors and dentists. Yet, it offered a unique freedom that attracted 33,000 residents to its 6.5 acres. The Walled City grew rapidly into a dystopian megacity. Buildings were constructed on top of each other, and they merged to form a single solid block of construction that reached a uniform height of about 10 stories. The construction was so dense that the city’s lower levels never saw sunlight and had to be illuminated by fluorescent lights. It was a City of Darkness. In the 1970’s, a series of massive police raids broke the control of the Triads. In 1987, the Chinese and British jointly agreed that the decaying city should be torn down. In 1994, the Walled City was demolished and replaced with a public park.

I hope you enjoyed this look at Loshi by GothiCatz. If you have a taste for high adventure, head out to GothiCatz and get acquainted with Loshi. And then set sail for Kowloon, a Second Life treasure, and explore the alleys of that City of Darkness.


Kowloon in Second Life

Video: City of Darkness - Life in Kowloon, The Walled City



  1. Hey, I just wanted to say that you are welcome to use my pictures of the Mill Pond reunion if you need any extra for your blog (I assumed you'd blog about it. :)

  2. Samantha, your pictures of the reunion are fabulous. They have great composition and truely capture the moment. I will put a selection of them on the Mill Pond reunion post that I am planning. Thank you so much for your generous offer. Wasn't the reunion great?

  3. Well, more pics of Kowloon and less of yourself, would have been great.

    1. Mariko Magic is the SL fashion feature of my blog, and this post features Loshi, the leather fashion design of Ms Looloo Beck. Kowloon in SL was used as a backdrop to display the outfit. In my blog, I usually model the fashions. The post was not intended to be a SL travel log. But I do like to enlighten as well as celebrate the fashions in these posts. So I hope that you learned something interesting about the real world City of Darkness in Kowloon and were inspired to use the link in the post to visit its recreation in Second Life.