Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I'm Not a Wallflower but I Feel Like One

"There's no one around to take me dancing," I lamented to Stevie. It looked like the start of a slow night. No one was online, and the prospect of spending a dull hour in Second Life clearing out and organizing my inventory lit a fire under me. I wanted music and dance, and to look and feel glamorous for an evening. There was a live music event at Oz - the perfect venue for glamour. But I would have to go alone without a date, and that's always troublesome. Go to a live music performance. especially at the clubs, and notice all  the unattached women on the sidelines. There are just not enough unattached men attending these events. Who was that economist who said supply creates its own demand? He never went to a music venue in Second Life. But, these are probably the best places for men to meet and chat with women in Second Life. We love the music and have our favorite performers to whom we are very loyal fans. And we like to dress for the occasion and be seen and to see what others are wearing.  Where's the demand?  Perhaps it's largely at Zindra, Second Life's adult content continent (yes, a whole continent), where men consort with escorts of dubious gender. Well .... that demand I can do without.  Anyways, I went to Oz confident in my ability to attract my share of attention. I had on my dancing shoes. But, I ended up on the sidelines with the other girls wistfully looking at the couples on the dance floor. I not only felt like a wallflower ...  I reluctantly admitted to myself that I fit the description (sob).
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Mariko Nightfire, wallflower (sigh)
What a blow to self esteem. I listened to a couple of songs, went back home, opened my inventory and went  to work deleting items. I found a plethora of horrid dresses: mostly freebies - slutwear and whatnots.  I was trying  on some of the slutwear for a good laugh; but, deleting most in mass. What a pathetic sight - Mariko modeling slutwear to an audience of one while laughing maniacally. The gods must have taken pity on me because Jaysun came inworld and invited me to go dancing at Judy Blue's. I eagerly put on my dancing shoes again. The music, dances, and the crowd at Judy Blues are always so much fun. The theme for the night was the Olympic Games. So everyone was dressed in either ancient Greek garb or modern Olympic wear. And there was a Best Dressed Contest. So, I quickly changed into my Kallisto dress right on the dance floor and put on my Bacchus hair wreath. Jaysun put on Greek armor. Jay and I were in our element as we won a best toga contest before. And we won again - in Jay's case, it was the display of his boxer shorts under his tunic that swayed votes - how clever of him. Well, my self esteem immediately returned. What a complete and very pleasant reversal of fortune. I guess I have a charmed second life. Thank you Jaysun and providence.

Shantu Selene sings You and Tequila
Dancing in Second Life is getting better and better. Remember the old days when dance animations were barely 5 seconds long, and everyone would just put themselves in autopilot and go through the same 5 second movements over and over again? Or those crudely choreographed and hilariously slutty dances like we love you girl and danish. Thank goodness times have changed. Today's dances are produced with very talented dancers whose movements are wonderously reproduced with motion capture technology. With the wide choices of dances provided at the music venues, guys can now actually lead by selecting dances that choreograph well with the songs. Jay is really good at picking just the right dance. And I like selecting dances for the songs performed by my favorite live performers, especially those sung by the legendary Shantu Selene, in real life, Danny Bowman. In the video above, I'm dancing to You and Tequila sung by Danny Bowman at his venue in Sheffield, Illinois, Brothers' Pub, and streamed into Second Life for his fans. This is a live performance by Danny and isn't it marvelous. 
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