Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hallelujah Azul Art Walk - November 14 to November 30

Hallelujah Azul Art Walk

Victoria and I are so happy to have made Hallelujah our home. We are part of the most vibrant community in Second Life. Last night, the community kicked off the opening of the Hallelujah Azul Art Walk.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them for better viewing.

The Hallelujah Azul Art Walk is an outdoor exhibition of the works of 15 creative artists. Bring a friend and take the walk. Begin at the Jittery Junco Coffee Shop and stroll our charming public area, stopping by the exhibits. Its a most delightful time spent walking with friends and viewing and discussing art. There are exhibits that will delight, exhibits that will provoke, and much  to appreciate. And be sure to stop in the stores for some great shopping. At the end of the walk, drop by the Kasbah for live music and dancing.

 Live Music and Dancing at the Kasbah

Below are some of the artists and their works that you will encounter along the Hallelujah Azul Art Walk. Click on the pictures to enlarge them for better viewing.

Nevar Whitfield

Sailboat Leaving Harbor by Nevar Whitfield

Bobbi Laval

The Pony by Bobbi Laval

Amarynth Emmonds

Magical Forest - Autumn by Amarynth Emmonds

Sasha Bazilinski

Lucky Bunny by Sasha Bazilinski

Lingual Markus

FUN @ Rez by Lingual Markus

Dorothy Urvilan

Anatomy of Melancholy by Dorothy Urvilan

 Sistarlro Wei

Fern Portrait No. 4 by Sistagrlro Wei (Video Art)

Skarat Lefebvre

Coffee Shop by Skarat Lefebvre

Clementine Whitt

Dark Alley by Clementine Whitt

Genevieve Silvercloud

Nevermore by Genevieve Silvercloud

Daire Aeon

Skateboarding Delight by Daire Aeon

Juliete3d Quinzet

Therese Carfagno

Flowerghost by Therese Carfagno

nessuno myoo

The Old Guitarist In White Wood Without Shoes
by nessuno myoo

It's community events like this that make Hallelujah a very special place. I hope that you enjoyed this little view of our Hallelujah Azul Art Walk. Come and see for yourself what makes this place so special, and I hope to see you at the art walk.

Jittery Junco Coffee House, Hallelujah:

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