Thursday, July 28, 2011

Anna's Many Murders - The Babysitter

It’s a bit strange, a bit disturbing, and delightfully whimsical. It's Anna's Many Murders, and there's great applause across the blogs, indeed across the grid,  for this latest work by virtual artist Bryn Oh. Anna's Many Murders is about a girl who watches everyone around her add apps and gadgets to themselves until they cease to be human. She rebels by embracing madness and goes on a murderous binge. There's plenty of dark humor here that moves at a gleeful pace set by Bryn Oh's quirky rhymes. It's a wonderfully entertaining and a must see in Second Life.

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What is it about virtual art in virtual worlds that can make it such an exciting medium?  In my opinion, it's the immersion of our avatars into the work that allows us to experience it as no other art medium can. Not only can we can gain intimacy by walking about and interacting with the objects; but, our immersion can be so complete that we become part of the work itself. Anna's Many Murders is narrative art much like a graphic novel. I though it might be fun to push my immersion in it so as to become a character in the narrative with her own story to tell. 

So, Let me take you for a ride. It began with an urgent call to my i-Phone. 

I'm asked to babysit a sweet, precocious little girl named Anna.
 Her guardian is most anxious that I get there right away.

Well, I'm here. This is the address.
I'm not one to criticize; but, this neighborhood gives me the creeps.

I met my little charge. She's quiet and somewhat withdrawn.
But a lovely child. This should be an easy babysit.

Hmmm .. then again ... maybe not.

I went to prepare lunch. My blood chilled. I found the mortal remains of her previous babysitter, her dear grandad, sprawled across the kitchen table.
To my horror, the pasta is still warm.

"That was a very naughty thing to do to Grandad.
Go straight to your room, young lady."

 According to the Babysitter's Guidebook, I should have made her do corner time so I could keep an eye on her. Once in her room, she escaped through an open window and ran away.

This is where babysitting gets very serious. I am duty bound by the trust placed in me to track her down even to the ends of the Earth.

It should be easy to track her. Dear sweet Anna is giddily homicidal.
She's leaving a trail of mayhem and murder behind her.

The body count is rising; but, I'm closing in on her. She definitely needs a good talking-to. And I aim to do it, after all, that's my job, I'm the babysitter.

However, the Law got to  little Anna first and brought her to trial.
This wasn't the first time a jury acquitted a killer nor even the second time.

BUT as her babysitter, I still had a duty to perform.

Well, I finally caught up with Anna.
"What do you have to say for yourself, young lady?"

What do you do when your charge is coming at you with a butchers knife?
My Babysitter's Guidebook says that you should reason with the little darling.

But I could tell by the look in her eyes that this isn't going to end well.
She's about to throw a tantrum and then some.

Being a babysitter can be an Awesome Responsibility ...

... as there will be times when you have to Mete Out Justice.


Anna's Many Murders is back in Second Life and now located on Originalia.

Bryn Oh - Anna's Many Murders:

The dress I'm wearing is from PixelFashion and is called Devil's Sexy Dress. This devilish outfit was designed by  amadine Arai, owner of PixelFashion, and sells for L$350.  I thought it would be a scream to have this very proper babysitter arrive in an outrageously sexy dress. It also contributes nicely to the dark humor of the visuals, and I love how it heightens the drama of the final scene. Devil's Sexy Dress also comes with a hat and veil that is perfect for funerals. There are also two skeletal hands holding up your breasts. I decided not to wear the hands; but, they would have answered the question that is on all of our minds - What is holding that freakin' dress up?

PixelFashion Main Store:

On a visit to the original site of Anna's Many Murders, I had the opportunity to meet and chat with the marvelous Bryn Oh. I am really looking forward to her future projects in Second Life.

Anna's Many Murders - A video by the creating artist Bryn Oh

Anna's Many Murders - Trailer

Take a bow, Anna dear.

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