Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mariko Magic: Avatar Inspired Fashion At Boudoir

Pandora Festive Outfit by Boudoir

It is becoming commonplace to say that James Cameron's Avatar is revolutionary. But undeniably, it is movie making at its most extraordinary. And it is most memorable for its creation of the verdant immersive world of Pandora. As avatars in our own immersive virtual world, we may feel a special kinship with the firm's main character, Jack Sully, as we too use avatars to enter another world and to interact with it and its inhabitants. And, like Jack Sully, our avatars can forge a second existence in that other world and become a part of it.

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Avatar's Pandora inspires us creatively in Second Life. Blue-skinned Na'vi, the denizens of Pandora, now walk among us. We can also teleport to Pandora Magic, a grouping of role playing sims where we might experience a Second Life version of life on Pandora. And, of course, Pandora has inspired Second Life fashion designers. Perhaps the most magical of all the Avatar inspired fashions is a little number called Pandora Festive Outfit. It was designed by Vitabela Dubrovna and can be found at Boudoir where it sells for $650L.

Vitabela Dubrovna is a self described explorer, photographer and fashionista. She is also a renowned real life fashion designer in Zagreb, Crotia where she and her twin sister have a popular boutique called Boudoir. Vitabela has brought Boudoir and a number of her real life creations to Second Life. The collection at Boudoir is a definite must see for the Second Life fashion aficionado as well as for us fashion divas and shopaholics. Her exquisite designs are stylish, feminine, and very romantic. And while I was shopping Boudoir for specials, I came upon Vitabela's Avatar inspired creations and her wonderful Pandora Festive Outfit.

Vitabela tells us that her Pandora Festive Outfit is made from 'Pandora's glowing flora and spirit tree seeds.' It is so much fun to believe that. I love the pale colors of the ginko leaves flowing down the dress and forming the skirt. The most charming aspect of the outfit are the spirit tree seeds floating on diaphanous parachutes of gossamer fluff that form a magical garland adorning one's head. The whole effect is of being a child of nature - a spirit at one with the planet.

I had so much fun photographing this outfit. As the pictures attest, it looks fabulous when placed in naturalistic settings, even alien ones. I would wear this outfit when exploring those wonderful scenic sims filled with gardens, forests, meadows, and mountains and be as a free spirit of nature on these wanderings. Did someone say 'nymph'? Of course, Pandora Festive Outfit could be worn on festive party occasions. And I would wear it to create an occasion to be pretty and enchanting.

I hope you enjoyed this look at Pandora Festive Outfit and will be planning to drop in at Boudoir. And I have a feeling that I will soon be encountering a number of festive nymphs from Pandora in the forests of my estate at Opar.

Vita's Boudoir

Pandora Magic

Video: An Interview with Vitabela Dubrovna

Video: Pandora Magic in Second Life

Photos were taken at Pandora Magic, Bentham Forest, Opar, and at the residence of a dear friend.

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