Sunday, October 25, 2009

Eulalie Hellendale, R.I.P. - Maybe

Eulalie Hellendale At Peace

Nine Warrhol tells us that she is really dead this time. We can see for ourselves. There will be a wake for Eulalie where she will be lying in state for viewing. But even as I walked through the door of the funeral home, I still wasn’t convinced. The lady has nine lives. Yup, there she was stretched out in a coffin. The mortician did a good job. She looked good…perhaps too good.

I paid my respects to a dear friend
I approached the coffin and knelt beside it. I looked intently at Eulie for any sign of movement. None. I opened up my makeup compact and held its mirror close to her face. No fog. Then I drew a hat pin that I had pinned onto my sleeve, and, when no one was looking, made a quick jab into her arm. Not even a twitch. Rising, I turned to the gathering and announced, "She’s as stiff as a board."

Nine Warrhol offers a few last words.
There was a collective sigh of relief in the room. Nine got up and gave a moving appraisal of Eulalie and her second life:

"Well Eulalie began her Second Life® career as a stripper to make extra money for her male counterpart, Cerulean, at that time. But she didn't think that was the life suited for such a fab being, so she began her career in fashion, SL™ fashion. Eulalie was always attitude and fashion, and a nice escape from the confines of the real world. She was in essence, a character. She met and made many good friends in SL, and also created alot of unnecessary drama in her wake, of which she is sorry for, if she were to speak. Her time here was full and well rounded, but alas, we bid her goodbye..blah blah yadda yadda and stuff. OK thank you."

The place was now full of teary eyes and runny noses. Thank goodness for GeeGee Zerbino who passed around a box of tissues. Remembrances of our dear departed friend filled the room:

Samantha Kazakov: i remember the first time i met eulalie, and i asked her if she was a man.

catalina Mistwallow: i remember eulalie and i rode chickens. we bonded on a spiritual level.

Trevor Wetherby: I didn't know Eualie much, but she always brought a smile to my face. Mostly because she was talking with other people and not me.

GeeGee Zerbino: im not much for dead pple either

Even I was affected by the emotions of the moment:

Mariko Nightfire: sob... she was horrid .. sob ... so terrible .. sob .. i'll miss her soooo much .. sob

Victoria Halostar: She's going to come alive and eat everyone's brains.


Eulie was certainly dead; but, might she be UNDEAD? The thought sent shivers down my spine. Looking around, I asked, "Did someone remember to bring a stake?" With that suggestion, GeeGee became unhinged. She was screaming that Eulie had moved. She swore that Eulie was smiling at her. The panic spread to others in the room. Nine tried to calm everyone down; but even he succumbed to the hysteria, "and she did just move good lord save us."  Amidst the uproar, a low calming voice was heard croaking from the coffin:

Eulalie Helendale: STFU

Poor Eulie was obviously high on embalming fluid. The sooner we plant her in the ground, the better.

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