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Mariko Magic: Moorish Dreams

Staged Summer Suit Set

'You look like Barbara Eden's wicked sister in I Dream of Jeannie.' That was the first time I've ever been described as wicked; but, Gwen meant it as a compliment. Lovely and sexy Barbara Eden played both Jeannie and her dark haired sister in that classic tv show. And the outfit that I was wearing does have an exotic Arabian Nights look to it. The outfit is called Staged Summer Suit Set and is at Staged Skin and Fashion.

The Staged Summer Suit Set was designed by Dezi Jarvinen, owner of Staged Skin and Fashion. It is priced at $395L and is available in a wide range of colors - red, lavander, blue, green, white, beige, dark brown,and black. I am wearing blue. The set comes with short and long pants and a jacket that comes with or without a tank shirt which makes it a fashion choice for both summer and early autumn. Inspired by Gwen's remark, I took this outfit to the Moorish sim of El Andalus with its re-creation of the famous Alhambra. Click on the pictures to enlarge them for better viewing.

The Alhambra in Second Life

For over seven centuries, from 711 to 1492, regions of Spain were ruled by Muslim conquerors from North Africa who gave the Iberian peninsula the Arabic name of Al Andalus. Moorish Spain was glorious. The Moorish city of Cordoba was the most cosmopolitan city in Western Europe at the time of the Muslim domination of Al Andalus and famous for its great Jewish philosophers. The fabulous Alhambra, built by the Moors in Granada, is one of the world's great architectural treasures.

Adding some fashion magic to the enchantment of the Alhambra

On a hill overlooking the city of Granada lies the Alhambra—a magnificient palace-citadel complex that was the jewel of Moorish Spain. The Alhambra dates back to the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries and is famous for its series of courtyards with their slender columnar arches, fountains and light-reflecting basins. The most noteworthy is the Court of the Lions named for the twelve lions of the courtyard's fountain.

The walls are covered with richly beautiful ceramics and plaster work, and the romantic enchantment of the spaces are enhanced by interior arches that serve a purely aesthetic purpose. The architects of the Alhambra wanted to cover every space with decoration. No decorative element was enough. Well, I wanted to make a contribution with my own decorative element - some wonderful fashion magic.

The Staged Summer Suit is for casual wear. So you are not shouting "Look at me!" when wearing this outfit. But, it's attractive charm will garner you more than your share of attention and compliments. I was pleased with how well this causal outfit looked displayed against the glory of the Alhambra. It says much for the graceful composition of its design. So it is well suited for a variety of occasions. Imagine how well it would do when worn in your favorite coffee shop, at a live performance, or for a walk in a garden. The long and short pants and the jacket with/without a tank top will give you four different looks. I just love the sexy look with the short pants shown on the left.

DrLife has been expanding their selection of hair styles. The quality of the designs and textures are first rate. The style that I am wearing is called Leah.ld and was designed by Diana XueElla and recently updated by Leena Ying, owner of DrLife. Leah.ld is priced at $350L and that gives you a entire collection of colors including black, blonde, brown, cherry, dark blue, gold, red, and silven. Its a great deal. Leah is one of my favorite hair pieces. It goes well with many occasions and dress from formal to club to casual.

Hair by DrLife

The Alhambra, Court of the Lions

Mariko Nightfire provides it all - fashion magic, a history lesson, and a travelogue all in one blog post. And, as always, my pictures are windlight free. I do hope that you enjoyed this look at Staged Summer Suit, and I hope that you visit the Staged Skin and Fashion Mainstore. There are many great designs to see there. And a trip to DrLife is always worth the visit. And tell Leena that Mariko sent you.


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