Sunday, November 1, 2009

Photo Mariko - October Pictures

Garden Lane at Halloween. The garden in the back of my townhouse
at Hallelujah has been officially named Garden Lane.

October has already come and gone. I have some interesting pictures to post from that month. October saw the outflowing of Autumn's charms and the enjoyment of Halloween, a very special event in Second Life. Avatars really take to Halloween costume parties. After all, we can become almost anything. Be sure to click on the pictures to enlarge them to their original size for better viewing.

My Hallelujah Townhouse is defensively decorated with jack-o-lanterns.
They keep out zombies. Second Life is infested with zombies around Halloween.

Enjoying the last bloom of roses in my Hallelujah garden before
the coming frosts.

Autumn is Second Life can be stunningly colorful. Here I am finding glory in the forest at Japanese Tempura with its spectacular fall follage.

The Pig That Ate Hallelujah.  At the last Tub Talk, Syd bought a pig  to town. Not some shiny little piglet, but the Godzilla of the pig world. Not only did Syd live with this pig, he lived on top of the pig. The pig was HIS HOME.

What sort of man would live on a humongous pig. Well, I am sitting with
the man. He looks kinda harmless. But he lived on a pig. ON A PIG.

Sitting with my sister Victoria at the Jittery Junco. I guess we were relieved that Syd's giant pig didn't eat or foul our townhouse. Some others weren't so lucky. Syd was handed a shovel.

Live performer Sylar Morrisey entertaining a crowd at the first concert held on the new stage in Hallelujah's Town Square.

Brunette in Black at Night.

Nantucket canceled Shantu Selene's 2 o'clock Friday afternoon concerts after a 2 1/2 year run. But the Friday tradition will continue as Shantu will be playing each Friday at the Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum. Hope to see you there.

The Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum:

I went to the Shantu performance wearing a wonderful Japanese yukata.

A lovely picture of Lulubelle and Kaja.

A lovely floral pattern isn't it. It was placed on the patio deck at Jittery Junco. Look closely and you'll see Gwendolyn Bieler, the new owner and manager of Hallelujah.

Analee Balut of ALB Dream Fashion sent a number of mix and match fashions to selected people inviting them to take pictures of themselves in these outfits for a special fashion book she was planning. Analee is one of the most original and creative fashion designers in Second Life. I just love this mix and match with its large feathery hat and fur cloak (Its pixel fur. No pixel was harmed in its making.) I took the outfit to Opar for a fashion shoot. Like all my pictures, these pictures are windlight free.

This is the picture that Analee selected for her fashion book.
It was the lead picture.

Took this picture of a Linden at the special Halloween public opening
of the Corn Field.

Blue Linden was also at the Corn Field on Halloween as a dragony demon. Blue sent a nice comment to my recent Corn Field blog post.

With my sister Victoria on the patio deck at Jittery Junco

On Friday, Leesa hosted a Halloween costume party at her Truthball Cafe. The party also celebrated Jaysun's birthday. Of course, I just had to dance with the birthday boy. Jay went as an astronaut. I dressed as a 1920's flapper.

We did look good together on the dance floor.

My good friend Selina Heron came to the  party from Beijing.

Naiya was absolutely awesome.

Jaysun thanking Leesa for a wonderful evening.

After the party, Jaysun and I went exploring haunted houses.

Jaysun touched something that he shouldn't.
We made some new friends. Jay was very nice, inviting them to stay awhile at his place.

Demon Horses from Hell. At least that's where I assumed they came from.

I had a very frightening moment when, at a graveyard, Death Dealers swarmed all over me trying to take my soul. Jaysun jumped right in to protect me.

A quiet moment with My Hero. Happy Birthday Jaysun.

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