Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Rez Day Frey

Celebrating Frey Brevin's Rez Day

On Saturday night, I attended a rez day party for a special friend, Frey Brevin. In my first year in Second Life, Frey, in an earlier incarnation, was a mentor and my best friend whose influence still remains with me.  It has been very gratifying to see him rise to prominence in Second Life by virtue of his talent, vision, and love of architecture and design. Frey is the founder and CEO of the Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum, a homage to the greatest architect of the twentieth century.  The museum displays exhibits featuring Frank Lloyd Wright's life and work and accurate full-size reproductions of a number of the architect's most famous buildings. The Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum is recognized and licenced by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. It's one of the treasures of Second Life. 

Click on the pictures to enlarge them for better viewing.

Frey with his lovely wife, Alestria Corryong

The party was arranged by Frey’s SL wife, the very gracious Alestria Corryong, and by his friend, Bacchus Ireto. The party was held at the Cabaret at Nakoma; its theme was Moulin Rouge with its famous revue. The party was well attended, as expected. The guys were handsome in their tuxes, and the theme gave us girls a wonderful opportunity to dress beautifully Victorian or as sexy French showgirls. A marvelous evening was had by all. Thank you Alestria and Bacchus. And Happy Rez Day Frey.

We kicked up our heels to a  fabulous set of music and songs
courtesy of DJ Eth Tedeschi

Bacchus came alive with the music

Lulubelle was very Moulin Rouge

I wore a Victorian outfit called Velvet, a limited edition from French Farm

The Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum of Second Life:

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mariko Magic: Creme Brulee

Creme Brulee at Vita's Boudoir

Some desserts are simply irresistable. An elegant creme brulee is definitely one of them. Some fashions are irresistable. And Creme Brulee is also irresistable fashion magic. This dress is just too tempting not to give in to it.  Go ahead and indulge yourself. This is a sumptuous creation for the fashion gourmet. Creme Brulee is designed by Vitabela Dubrovna and can be found at Vita's Boudoir where it sells for $650L.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them to their original size for better viewing.

Crème Brulee is French for ‘Burnt Cream’. It’s a sweetened egg custard topped with caramelized sugar. The sugar is traditionally caramelized by direct flame from a kitchen torch. However, some prefer caramelizing by flambéing a hard liquor on it for a great fiery show at the table. It’s a decadent dessert. It’s considered classic French cuisine; but, crème brulee’s origins lie outside of France. Trinity College in England claims the honor. Its Trinity burnt cream dates back to the 1600s. Spain also claims that its traditional crema catalana is the true predecessor of France's crème brulee.

Boudoir's Creme Brulee has that wonderful brown hue of caramelized sugar. Gold leaves accent the skirt. A shrug of gold leaves completes the outfit.

When on the dance floor, remove the gold leaf shrug for a classic look
that is cool and elegant.

Creme Brulee has an attention gathering quotient of 10 on a 10 point scale. I've been totally overwhelmed by all the compliments that came my way, and by such glowing and enthusiastic compliments.

Hair by booN hair

My hair is from booN hair, and it's their HTU132 designed by boo Nakamura. HTU132 is available in 15 different colors. I am wearing gold. It sells for $200L for one color; $500L for a 5 color pack; and $1200L for all 15 colors.

I really enjoyed bringing this fashion magic to you. It was delightful to wear, lovely to photograph, and i was motivate to eat some delicious creme burlee. Be sure to get to Vita's Boudoir for your serving of Creme Burlee.

Vita's Boudoir:

Saikin and booN hair main store:

Photos were taken at Reve de Sable in Essaim and are windlight free.
Reve de sable:

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Photo Mariko: Some People and Places

Victoria Halostar

I was stirring up pleasant memories going through  photos that I have taken over the past months of Second Life people, places, and events. It has been awhile since the last Photo Mariko post. So,  I selected a number of these pictures that I hope you will enjoy. Let's start with some personalities and with my sister Victoria. This picture captures a sexy side of her. Vic has been scarce lately. She has been busy in real life and spending time in Blue Mars, another virtual world.  I miss her dearly; but, I'm know Vic will be back.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them for better viewing.

Mony Markova

My friend Mony is the publisher of AVATAR MGZ, an infrequent but entertaining online magazine featuring interviews of Second Life personalities. She is also a designer of avatar shapes for Divine Face, that are sold on Xstreet. Mony is a witty conversationalist and just a delightful person to be around.

Leena Ying

One of the earliest calling cards that I have in my inventory belongs to Leena Ying. Leena is my oldest and dearest friend in Second Life.  She lives in Beijing, China.  Leena is the owner of DrLife and is one of the most successful businesswomen in Second Life. And no wonder, she creates the most artistically advanced skins and avatars in this virtual world. The scope of her creativity goes beyond her skins and avatars. There is no aspect of building in Second Life in which Leena would not rank among the best. From fashions, to architecture, to historical recreations, to aircraft, weapons and gadgets, to worlds-within-worlds,  her creativity is boundless.

Leesa Donner

Leesa is another long time friend. She has tried her hand in many things Second Life. Leesa is a high fashion model, a businesswoman selling a wildly entertaining party game called Truthball, owner of a popular live music venue and coffee house also called Truthball, and a SL blogger. She does everything with an eye on quality and style. Leesa is amazing.

Lulubelle Muircastle

My friend Lulu is wearing a fabulous black peacock dress. She has a large collection of peacock fashions. One of my unfinished projects is to feature her collection in a Mariko Magic fashion post. Lulu is my main shopping partner, and we go to many live music performances together. She is a bibliophile and co-owner of Shakespeare's Sister, a bookstore in Hallelujah featuring the work of women writers.

Shakespeare's Sister:

Kaja Lurra

Kaja is the face of Second Life for the virtual world's Swedish community. Over the years, she was been involved in many projects that showcase Sweden in Second Life. Kaja is also an outstanding designer of landscapes and sims, one of the best. Her sim designs are always breathtaking. To top it off, Kaja is also a talented photographer in real life and in second life.

DC5 Harbour visiting my Hallelujah townhouse.

When he first entered Second Life, DC5 Harbour was the geekiest looking noob ever. Erin, my best friend at the time. and I took DC by the arm and did an extensive makeover. Who says that men can't be changed into what women want them to be? That was over two years ago, and DC's appearance has been since frozen in time. Well, its better than when he started, and it's not too bad even now. Its also understandable because DC hasn't been around much over the past year or so, after being active in his first year. He needed to spend less time here.  But DC drops by every few months or so to say hello and inquire if all is well with me.  DC is such a dear friend, so I'm always delighted and thrilled when he makes an appearance.

Nine Warrhol

I just took this picture of Nine Warrhol at Bumble the other day. I've been on a friendly acquaintance basis with Nine for quite a long time, through four of his incarnations. I don't know him well; but, I know of him well. He is a interesting guy that you just want to follow and know what he's up to, what is he thinking, and wonder what's coming next (so I'm a reader of his blogs).  

Nine Warrhol and his Second Life:  http://ninewarrhol.blogspot.com/

Miyamoto Musashi, my pug dog

Yep, that's me in blond hair and wearing a nekko outfit. My poor li'l pug dog was very uncomfortable with his mistress going feline. He thinks it's the same as going over to the dark side.

NYC Shhh!! Night Club

Moving from personalities to places. I went to the NYC Public Library in a meticulous Second Life recreation of the cement and steel canyons of Manhattan.  But, rather than finding a quiet place to sit among books, I found a great place to party. A dance club in a public library? No wonder its called NYC Shhh!! Night Club.  Great DJs and a friendly crowd and just meters away from the Statue of Liberty. Don't worry about making a lot of noise. Nobody is reading the books.

NYC Shhh!! Night Club:

Dancing with Jaysun at JudyBlues

There is no better place for dancing than JudyBlues. It's always the highlight of a delightful evening whenever Jaysun takes me there.

The Blarney Stone Irish Bar

Soy Source told me about The Blarney Stone Irish Bar in Dublin. Soy is the panda bear in the picture. He's not always a panda bear. Mainly, Soy is a very sweet guy. Blarney Stone is very Irish and very working class. The music is Celtic, and I really enjoy listening and dancing to it. Soy thought the bar might be a mite too rough for me. But I can fit in. I'm looking very blue collar, doncha think?

The Blarney Stone Irish Bar: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dublin/80/81/25

The Albatross Coffee House

I attended a Geek Pride Week celebration at the Albatross Coffee House in CTRL Shift H. Plenty of geeks and also a smattering of non-geeks in attendance. No ... i'm not a geek. CTRL Shift H is a new sim jointly owned by Owly Indigo, catalina Mistwallow, Ariel Wingtips, and AngieBabe Perl - geeks all. It has an appealing rustic ambiance, and the Albatross Coffee House is its lively social center. Sundays are 'Theme Sunday'. Check it out.

Albatross Coffee House:

Theme Night at Truthball Cafe

I'm at Leesa's Truthball Cafe acouple of times each week for the live performances and for the theme nights with DJ Mirah (she's a fantastic DJ). This particular theme was ...leather...umm...no more comments.

Truthball Cafe: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Haven/216/38/24

I visited Syd's place. Syd lives on a cloud. It's better than his prior residence. He formerly lived on a back of a humongous pig. I never understood why Syd would want to live on pig.

See 'The Pig that Ate Hallelujah' in

There is a really cool dinosaur exhibit in the Museum of Natural History located in Forum Europe.

On the terrace patio at Opar

Last stop...Opar, my country estate. This is my place of refuge where I can wander among my gardens and forests. Great place to escape LAG. Visitors are always welcomed as guests. 

Opar: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Opar/30/140/26