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Mariko Magic: Out of Africa

Africa by Jador Fashion

I dropped in at Mimi's Choice to see Mimi's selections from the recently released Spring Collection of designer ziamela Loon, owner of Jador Fashion. The collection is a delightful ensemble of fashion magic. I put a number of its sexy formals and colorful casuals on my 'Gotta Have It' list. I only wish my linden dollars were as vast as my fashion wants. But, I had enough lindens in my account to come away with at least one fabulous outfit. And I was particularly intrigued by the possibilities of an outfit from the collection called Africa.

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Indigo cloth has a long history in sub-saharan Africa dating back to 1200 BC with the Phoenician and Arab trade along the continent's east coast. But it came into its own in the 18th and 19th centuries when European textile manufacturers developed a block and discharge print style on indigo cotton fabric. The discharge printed cloth with its blue hue became an important trade good throughout Africa. In South Africa, this cotton cloth is called shweshwe for the swishing sound it makes when one walks dressed in it. Ladies, our curves will certainly shweshwe dressed in Jador Fashion's delightful Africa.

An intricate traditional African print adorns Africa. Such prints are designed for ceremonies and special occasions such as royal weddings. Africa also comes with lovely ethnic beaded accessories which include a necklace, earrings, bracelets, arm bands, and a belt. The details are exquisite. Africa sells for $450L.

Taking Africa to The Nubian Empire

I knew the look that I wanted to create with Africa - dark toned skin, flashing steely eyes, wild, but gorgeous, hair. I liked the result. And now that I had the look I was after, I searched for an exotic Africa inspired location to photograph the outfit and the look. I choose a fantastic role play sim called The Nubian Empire.

Ancient Nubia was the first great black African kingdom, a civilization as old as Egypt, its neighbor to the north. The histories of Nubia and Egypt are deeply intertwined as are their cultures. Egypt conquered and assimilated Nubian territory in various eras, Egypt’s New Kingdom (1500 BC) in particular. The Nubians in turn conquered Egypt in the 8th century BC and established a dynasty of Nubian pharaohs. Nubians and Egyptians were often so closely related, as the two cultures melded and mixed together, as to be virtually indistinguishable. The Nubian Empire in Second Life showcases this cultural melding and the dominance of Nubia during the rule of the black pharaohs. I had a wonderful time photographing Africa against The Nubian Empire’s monumental builds. It's a great sim to explore, and I highy recommend it.

This skin is from DrLife and is the dark version of Liu. Liu is designed by my dear friend Leena Ying. The All Makeup line of skins by DrLife are priced at $2200L.

The hair is from Bish Wear and is called Toss Me Around. It sells for $375L which gets you a package of 6 hair colors (auburn, black, brown, blonde, red, and wine). I am wearing brown. The hair is designed by ShyOne Lehane. My eyes are from TULI and are called luminous eyes - steel. They are designed by Tuli Asturias.

I hope that you enjoyed this look at Africa and found the photos intriguing and exotic. And do drop by Mimi's Choice and see her very choice selections from Jador Fashion's Spring Collection.

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The Nubian Empire

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