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Mariko Magic: Alina - A Study in Black and White

Alina from MEB Fashion

Spring is fast approaching, and I needed a nice little dress for the season. It had to be chic. It had to be stylish. It had to be flattering, oh so flattering. So, what I needed was some magic from my favorite Italian fashion designer in Second Life, MariaElena Barbosa of MEB Fashion who is also a dear friend.

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So, how is this for chic, stylish, and oh so flattering? It's called Alina. What drew me to this dress was the lovely floral print set in contrasting black and white. The print is very Japanese and so appeals to the Japanese in me. It features chrysanthemums, the flower of the Imperial Family of Japan. But, Alina has a look that is definitely Italian. Italian fashion designers know how to show off women. So, it's perfect for Spring. Alina sells at MEB Fashion for L$300.

I always use locations in Second Life to display the fashions featured in my blog. I want to show you how these outfits will actually look as you wear them in this virtual world. But, I couldn't help thinking how great the contrasting blacks and whites of Alina would look pictured against a pure white background. Well, I found that location in Second Life and more. It's an area called The Babel in a place called Chouchou XVI. Chouchou XVI is the creation of Chouchou, a Japanese SL musical group dedicated to exploring the possibilities of music in virtual environments. The Babel is pure white and located within this whiteness is a cluster of pure black cubes that rise ever upwards, creating a tower of contrasting black and white. Each cube is a musical note from an instrument such a piano or harp. Touching it plays the note. So by touching cubes you can create a cacophonous musical composition that can truly be entitled 'Babel'. Any ways, I really like how the the roundness of Alica's floral pattern and my own roundness have us stand out amidst the squareness of these multitudinous black cubes. I hope you like this study in black and white.


 Isn't this hair perfect for me and this outfit? It's called Fresh. I got it at Emo-tions. Fresh is designed by Mirja Mills and sells for L$245 for a single color. My jewelry is from Artistry. The necklace is from The Janice Set Onxy and the earrings from The Marilyn Set Black. Both jewelry sets are designed by Endra Graves and are now on sale at a special low price.

MEB Fashion Main Store



Chouchou XVI, The Babel

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Venexia - Realm of the Vampire

In medieval time, a great plague, pustulous and deadly, descended on the western world and decimated its human populations to the point of near extinction. Long hidden from the formerly greater society of humans, a society of Vampires emerged from the shadows to fill the void left by a weakened humanity, imposing a new social order, a dark realm  in which they are dominant. The court of this new vampiric social order is seated in the great maritime city of Venexia. Outside the city, a blood thirst reign of terror threatens those remnants of humanity. But, within Venexia, the vampires of the city abide by laws they promulgated to protect and preserve a stock of humans from predatory excess as the extinction of humanity would mean the extinction of their own kind as well. For their part, the human residents of the city are permitted to live a near normal life as long as they accept the rule of their vampire overlords and provide what is expected of them.  The city has developed its own style, culture, and social hierarchy in which vampires and humans coexist, uneasily, in this realm of the Venexian Vampires. So goes the story behind this fascinating role play. 

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Venexia is a gothic vision of Venezia, the city of Venice. It is densely constructed as one would expect of a city with ancient medieval origins. This is not a faithful replication of Venice. One will not find a Rialto Bridge or Grand Canal in this city. Rather, it is an interpretation that evokes an atmosphere of fading opulence and demonic domination. The details one sees around you as you walk the city are incredible and must be experienced. Above all, Venexia is designed to be a thriving virtual community with public and private spaces including private residences. It provides a wonderful stage for its role play. And, even more than that, Venexia is a Second Life treasure. Kudos to Baal Zobel and Kora Zenovka, the builders and game masters of this treasure.     

Piazza Grande
Visitors to Venexia need to obtain a visitor's tag before teleporting down to the city.  Once reaching the city, it is best to try to find your way to the Piazza Grande, a large public square that is a central meeting place for residents and visitors. Piazza Grande is recognizably inspired by the Piazza San Marco in Venice. Naturally, visitors should strive to be unobtrusive so as not to interfere with the role play.  But, I've met some very sociable role players who were more than willing to answer questions. Just use good judgement and courtesty when interacting with the role players. 

Venexia role players at the Piazza Grande.

Venexia is a medieval city of canals and bridges. It's a walking city and a maze of walkways and alleys. Be prepared to be perpetually lost. But, you'll discover some charming open squares, grand buildings, and a marvelous shipyard. Venexia is a SL photographer's delight. I might even say that it can be charmingly romantic. However, there is a tension here from the underlying horror that permeates this city.    

Blood Offering
Entering Venexia, I went into the nearby tavern called The Green Dragon. On the menu, I had a choice of soup, stew, or blood. One can find offerings of bloody refreshments throughout the city. It must require an endlessly flowing river of blood to satiate an entire city of vampires every day, every week, every year.

The portrait of the Doge of Venexia leaves no doubt as to the nature of the rulers of Venexia

Vampires are powerful and arrogant. In Venexia, they will affect aristocratic tastes and assume aristocratic hauteur to those of lower social rank, human and vampire. They are reserved; but can be agreeably friendly. However, beneath that reserve and that smile lurks a suppressed bloodlust that can suddenly erupt in a demonic fury. Keep in mind the true nature of the vampire. They are undead corpses animated by the power on earth of them that fell from heaven. That nature was made evident to me when I wandered into the common lair of the Venexian vampires. The cold chill of terror descended on me.

So, I called on Jaysun to accompany me. He arrived dressed in the fashion of 1830 Paris. Very handsome, I might add. It was very reassuring to have him here. The chill departed from me. And Jaysun was very impressed with this city. Our first stop was at Venexia's theater, The Teatro.

Teatro, Venexia

Vampires and Venexians appreciate and cultivate the arts. There is an active theater company that produces plays in this theater. A poster outside the Teatro announces the plays. The theater's interior is a delight. Jay and I walked onto the stage, imagined the applause and took our bows. The next attraction on our tour agenda is the basilica, Venexia's version of the Basilica di San Marco.

The Gilded Mosaic Nave of the Basilica in Venexia

The Basilica is truly magnificent. But it is not a house of holy worship.
This is Venexia, the realm of vampires. This is unholy ground.

A touch and suddenly I found myself on the sacrificial alter of a Black Mass.
Jaysun gave out a warning. There is danger in this.

Jay was right. One should never dabble in such things. There are consequences.
I'm finding Jaysun's neck very tempting.


Venexia is part of the SGS game system. Information about Venexia and its role play can be found on the SGS website:

and also on the blog, Venexian Vampires: The Chronicles of Venexia

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The official website of the City of Venice. Take the virtual tour and virtually walk the streets of the city:

Another wonderful virtual tour of Venice is found on the Italy Guides website:

The dress that I am wearing is from MEB Fashion and is called Revello. Revello and other selections from the MEB collection are available at Mariko, my fashion boutique on the Grande Rue in Mont Saint Michel.


Monday, February 6, 2012

Mariko Magic - Black Diamonds

Diament Noir courte by AlaFolie
In doubt, wear black. To dazzle, wear diamonds. To intrigue, wear black diamonds. All these truisms come together in a marvelous outfit at AlaFolie called Diament Noir courte. But, there is no doubt about this dress. It's the most fabulous little black dress in my clothing inventory. And that is saying a lot.

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Distinctive and highly stylish, black diamonds (diamante noir) are the rarest of diamonds. They are also a mystery. Black diamonds are found in only two places on the planet - the Central African Republic and Brazil. They are real diamonds but differ from other diamonds in their crystalline structure. Their unique structure absorbs light rather than refracting it like a conventional diamond making them opaque black. Conventional diamonds are created in the high pressures and temperatures deep within the Earth and are carried up from the Earth's mantle by volcanic explosions. They are mined from volcanic rock called kimberlite. However, no black diamond has ever been found among conventional diamonds. Their geological setting is starkly different being alluvial rather then volcanic. Many scientists believe that black diamonds are not from within the Earth but from outside the Earth. Hydrogen analyzed in black diamonds indicate an extraterrestrial origin in a supernova explosion of a dying star that predates our own solar system. About 2.3 billion years ago, an asteroid sized black diamond slammed into the Earth on an ancient continent that later separated into Africa and South America. When you wear these fascinating black diamonds, you are wearing one of the oldest objects on the planet.

I'm sure that you are now fascinated by black diamonds (hmmm hopefully), and you'll be equally fascinating dressed in Diament Noire coutre (make that even more fascinating). I just love its shimmering black sequinned skirt. It's perfect for a night at the clubs. And look at that sexy back view. Diament Noir is designed by pixivor Allen and is can be found at AlaFolie for L$600.

When you want sophistication, this hair works. It's from [kik] and is called Fine. It is getting very monotonous seeing models wearing the latest hair from Truth. I would encourage people to look elsewhere for a change especially at the collection of styles at [kik]. The hair designs are wonderful, and the quality is equal to the best that I have seen in Second Life. Each color set sells for L$100. A six color pack is available for L$300 and a 12 color pack for L$450.


[kik] main store:

These pictures were taken at the lovely estate garden of WK Ganesvoort in Costa Rica. These pictures are windlight free.

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