Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Jaysun

An early picture of Jaysun and me together taken
at Squatter's Point in the newly created Opar. (July 24, 2008)
This week celebrated the birthday of my dearest dear friend in this virtual world. Jaysun Dagger is a wonderful and indispensable part of my second life. It was almost four years ago when my friend Erin Kinkade brought me in as a partner in a wine bar called Tradewinds. I had been living at the bottom of the pond at Mill Pond (a most pitiful noob), and Erin wanted me to have a place that I could really call home. Our neighbor at Tradewinds was a big protective bear of a man, a cowboy on a horse from Wyoming who happened to  also be a widely-traveled architect with a refined sense of music, art, and style.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them for better viewing. 

Tradewinds was the social center of the community. I tended the bar, and, naturally, Jaysun was a regular visitor. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. This year, I wanted to give a special birthday present for Jaysun. So I went to my picture archive and selected a collection of pictures from the past that I hope he will enjoy. It's a celebration of his birthday and our long friendship.

We discover a quaint Italian cantina with a good wine cellar and a pizza making chief
(April 23, 2009).
Jaysun's original avatar was large and imposing, and did I also say bald?  His size could be intimidating like the time he launched into some griefers who targeted me at Mill Pond. Yes, Jay is very manly (he's a cowboy after all); but, at heart, he also is a gentle and sensitive man. The best of men. I found him to be a perceptive judge of character and always a source of sound advice. Most of all, he is a gentleman. The kind who walks you to your door after a date and thanks you for the evening. What girl wouldn't feel warm and comfortable about Jay.

Jay has a intimate circle of very talented friends. Kaja Lurra was a new acquaintence of Jaysun when we went on a memorable horseback tour of Kajaland, Kaja's homestead sim. This tour inspired me to create my own sim, Opar. Note the diamond sweater worn by Jaysun. Three years later, he still wears that sweater.

The first event held at Opar was a birthday party for Leesa Donner. Jay is wearing a tuxedo. For a cowboy, he dresses well for formal evenings - very well. (September 18, 2008)

What I fondly remember about the party is the duet I played with Jaysun on Opar's grand piano.

We always enjoy dancing. One of our favorite dances is the joyously funny Lindy Hop. Note the  flipflops in the picture below. Three years later and he is still wearing those flipflops. Some things are constant with Jay. (October 3, 2008)

A visit to Mouse World. (January 23, 2009)

Some of my best second life memories are of the places that Jaysun and I explored together.
Especially the times we encountered the unexpected. (March 23, 2009)

When Jaysun decided to rent an island, Ile Des Falaises,
his second life creativity blossomed and climbed to grand heights.
 (March 3 2009)

Another transitional event occurred while Jaysun was renting an apartment for a month in
Costa Rica. He changed his appearance. (April 22, 2009) 

For one thing, we now dance better together. Salsa dancing in Al Andalus. (May 23, 2009)

My favorite way to explore sims with Jaysun is on bicycle. Note the flipflops. (May 26, 2009)

We win the Best Toga Award at ArorA Chadborne's birthday concert. (June 20, 2009)
A pretty picture of Jay and me taken on the eve of my trip to Crete, Santorini, and Athens.
Of course, you noted the flipflops.  (June 24, 2009)
Smidget joins us on a lazy summer day at Ile Des Falaises. 
(July 20, 2009)
One of those strange encounters. Note the diamond sweater again. (August 5, 2009)
Jaysun taking me out to celebrate my 20th birthday.
The magnificent set of antique topaz jewelry  was his gift to me and the dress too. (November 7, 2009)

Man and Woman versus Wild. We went on a really extreme desert journey at Cap Estel.
(February 1, 2010)

Japanese dinner at Eel Cove Sushi Cafe. You've already noted the diamond sweater. I'll bet Jay is wearing the flipflops too. I'm not complaining. I love that sweater and those flipflops. The are Jaysun! (February 11, 2010)
Eyes Right! (February 5, 2010)

We always enjoy the winter at Cap Estel. (December 22, 2010)
We were part of a belly dancing craze earlier this year.
(February 19, 2011)

With Leesa Donner, the third pillar of our second lives. (May 20, 2012)

We are not without our tender moments.


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