Thursday, February 26, 2009

Reaction to People You'll Meet at Open Latte

The reaction to my last posting featuring a gallery of Open Latte regulars has been highly favorable, and the feature is popular among Mill Pondies. I thank everyone for their kind and supportive comments and messages. I spent four days visiting Mill Pond at various times of the day to check profiles, collect names, and take pictures. Included in the gallery of regulars are visitors and residents of long standing that I recognized and persons who have Open Latte listed in their Profile Picks. I apologize to those who are not included in the gallery but should be. I know that there are some regulars who were not around when I was taking pictures. If you identify yourselves to me, I would be most happy to add you to the gallery.
One of my hopes in writing this blog is to occasionally capture and record special moments in Second Life before they fade from collective memories. I think that SL blogs are important chronicles that archive, on a personal level, the culture, personalities, and activities of we the early pioneers in virtual worlds. And perhaps, on some small scale, the SL wanderings and ponderings of this nineteen year old student has some value. In my first posting about Open Latte, I wrote about the appearance of Micala Lumiere in a crowd that was anxious and curious about the changes happening before their eyes to their beloved Mill Pond. The emotional exchange between Micala and the people was one of the most affecting events that I have witnessed in Second Life. It was a small magical moment, and now a snippet of it is recorded for the shelf life of this blog.
The gallery of Open Latte Regulars places into the record the avatar pictures and SL names of individuals who comprise the core of one of the most important communities in Second Life. Of course, this is a snapshot of that community at a particular point in time. Change comes quickly in Second Life. But it is part of Second Life history. And, it was fun to do. I enjoy coming back again and again to the posting to view the pictures of my friends. I hope that you do too.
One last thing, we should complete this record. The pictures and names are but shadows cast on the wall. We want to turnaround and see the people standing before the fire. (I've obviously been influenced by an Open Latte discussion of Plato.) I'd like to ask the Open Latte regulars to add a personal comment to the posting. Tells us about your Second Life self - when did you enter Second Life and what brings you back, the place Open Latte holds for you, who are there closest friends in Mill Pond, etc. Anything that gives substance to the shadows. Arigato gozaimasu.
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