Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Rez Day Frey

Celebrating Frey Brevin's Rez Day

On Saturday night, I attended a rez day party for a special friend, Frey Brevin. In my first year in Second Life, Frey, in an earlier incarnation, was a mentor and my best friend whose influence still remains with me.  It has been very gratifying to see him rise to prominence in Second Life by virtue of his talent, vision, and love of architecture and design. Frey is the founder and CEO of the Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum, a homage to the greatest architect of the twentieth century.  The museum displays exhibits featuring Frank Lloyd Wright's life and work and accurate full-size reproductions of a number of the architect's most famous buildings. The Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum is recognized and licenced by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. It's one of the treasures of Second Life. 

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Frey with his lovely wife, Alestria Corryong

The party was arranged by Frey’s SL wife, the very gracious Alestria Corryong, and by his friend, Bacchus Ireto. The party was held at the Cabaret at Nakoma; its theme was Moulin Rouge with its famous revue. The party was well attended, as expected. The guys were handsome in their tuxes, and the theme gave us girls a wonderful opportunity to dress beautifully Victorian or as sexy French showgirls. A marvelous evening was had by all. Thank you Alestria and Bacchus. And Happy Rez Day Frey.

We kicked up our heels to a  fabulous set of music and songs
courtesy of DJ Eth Tedeschi

Bacchus came alive with the music

Lulubelle was very Moulin Rouge

I wore a Victorian outfit called Velvet, a limited edition from French Farm

The Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum of Second Life:

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