Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Another Birthday: I've piled up 22 years

Yesterday was my twenty-second birthday! I can't get over how I'm piling up the years. I guess at some point in every person's life they become aware of that inevitable fact. I know that my older friends in SL are looking at my years and are probably rolling up their eyes right now. Well, I'm looking forward to piling up their years too. Life is good. Life can be challenging. Life is a precious gift. And I'm looking forward to what Life has in store for me. Such are my thoughts on this birthday.

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Last night, I came inworld rather late as I was working long into the evening with some classmates on a group project for one of our courses. But Stevie, Lulubelle, and Jaysun were there waiting especially for me and greeted me with warm birthday congratulations. Jaysun had filled the living room at my Heritage Park house with a huge birthday card  and colorful balloons. The balloons are so delightful. But, Musashi Miyamoto, my little pug dog, was bewildered by those strange round creatures invading his territory. However, Sashi was greatly relieved when he realized that they were only playthings. We had a fun time popping them. 

This gorgeous formal dress is a present from my friend, and Stevie's special friend, Paaul. He is such a sweet man. Stevie helped me pick it out at Utopia. It is called Johanna. I'll wear this dress tonight when Jaysun takes me dancing at OZ.

Utopia main store: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Gienah/156/71/22

Readers of my previous birthday post know that Simple Gifts is a very special song. It's an old Shaker tune and my birthday song. On my birthday, it's melody brings forth memories and emotions that set me crying as it also lifts my spirits. And it always brings me to contemplate the simple gifts that I have been so blessed to receive. I am grateful for my family's love, for the love from my friends, and  for God's love for this world and especially his love for all small and fallible beings such as I.

Variations on a Shaker Tune from Aaron Copland's Appalachian Spring:

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