Saturday, May 23, 2009

Samba in Al Andalus

Samba Dancing at Al Andulus
Last night, Jaysun teleported me to the sim of Al Andalus to hear a live performance by Joaquin Gustav, a fantastic guitar musician from Argentina. For over seven centuries, from 711 to 1492, regions of Spain were ruled by Muslim conquerors from North Africa who gave the Iberian peninsula the Arabic name of Al Andalus. Moorish Spain was glorious. The Moorish city of Cordoba was the most cosmopolitan city in Western Europe at the time of the Muslim domination of Al Andalus and famous for its great Jewish philosophers. The fabulous Alhambra, built by the Moors in Granada, is one of the world's great architectural treasures. Naturally, Al Andalus is one of my favorite sims. Its sights and sounds are redolent of the Moorish culture in Spain at the time of Al Andalus.

Joaquim’s concert was marvelous; his music, lovely; his artistry, a delight to appreciate. After the performance, Latin and Arabian music filled the air, and their rhythms were too inviting. I had to do some serious dancing. Jaysun was also in a dancing mood, and I wanted to Samba. The Samba is Brazilian and the most complex of the Latin ballroom dances. It is joyfully rhythmic and so sinfully flirtatious and exuberant. And the Samba’s fast movements are visually arresting. It is a crowd pleaser. Jaysun and I were certainly drawing attention with our Samba. After the Samba, Jaysun choose to dance the Paso Doble. Paso Doble originates from Spain and is based on movements performed by the matadors during the bull fights. In Paso Doble, the man, as the matador, is highlighted more than in any other dance. The lady plays the role of the cape. Paso Doble is one of the most dramatic dances you will ever see. That evening, we were a fantastic dance couple. I didn't know that Jaysun was such an accomplished dancer.

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