Friday, August 5, 2011

Tub Talk is Back

Tub Talk Hosts Owly Indigo and Catalina Mistwallow
During my first year in Second Life, Thursday evenings were always reserved for the Tub Talk in Hallelujah. They were weekly gatherings where the female residents and friends of Hallelujah would enjoy good camaraderie and girl talk while relaxing in a steamy hot tub (later guys were permitted to join us to provide some eye candy). Owly, Cat, AngieBabe, Ariel and the rest of the girls were always so spontaneous and witty, and the discussions, wide-ranging. They were such fun times. So, I'm thrilled that Owly, et aliae have revived Tub Talk on Tuesday evenings at their sim, Ctrl Shift H. They are as fun as ever. The hot discussion topic of last Tuesday - Lizard Porn on TV!

Click on the pictures to enlarge them for better viewing.

Original Tub Talk circa 2008.  My how our avatars have changed!

The new Tub Talk above the Albatross Coffee House in Ctrl Shift H.

Mariko Nightfire: How can you tell if two lizards are doing it?
Owly Indigo:        Mariko they showed closeups of everything.

Amorous doings of komodo dragons! Maybe I should watch more Discovery Channel, not!

Albatross Coffee House at Ctrl Shift H:

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