Tuesday, December 1, 2009

World Aids Day 2009 in Second Life

World Aids Day 2009 observed in Second Life

On December 1, World Aids Day 2009 was observed in Second Life with live music performances in a number of locations around the grid. It's a day to reflect on the millions of victims of the HIV virus worldwide and to foster awareness that will help in the prevention of new infections and encourage further research for ever more effective treatments. I attended the performance at TriBorough, New York. Prior to my arrival at TriBorough, the event was disrupted by a couple of griefers who spammed the area with prims bearing offensive messages while hiding behind offensively named alts designed to protect their main SL identities. A reminder that lower life forms like bigots and cowards do inhabit Second Life. And a greater reminder, by negative example, that compassion for the those afflicted by misfortune is a virtue that should be nurtured as acts of compassion affirms our humanity and brings one nearer to God. Happily, despite the unfortunate disruption, the events across Second Life were a great success.

World Aids Day 2009 in Second Life Video:

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