Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bumble Cafe, Hallelujah's New Meeting Place

The new Bumble Cafe at Hallelujah Azul

Gwen is making Hallelujah her own with some wonderful personal touches. When ownership of Hallelujah passed from PT and Owly to Gwen, she took on the role of caretaker, preserving much of what we love about our community. In some hands, caretaking can descend to a attempt to stop time, achieving only an enervating staleness. But, change is the means of our conservation, of conserving that which we cherish (to paraphrase the great conservative, Edmund Burke).  Good caretaking contemplates change that is not only consistent with the community's vision, but renews it. So I am loudly cheering Gwenolyn's moves to put her own stamp on Hallelujah.

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Enough social commentary, let me tell ya about Bumble. In an audacious move, Gwen replaced the Jittery Junco Coffee Shop, the social center of our community, with her own Bumble Cafe. As much as I loved Junco, I just adore the new Bumble. It has a lower profile and a more open floor plan than its predecessor. And its weathered exterior bestows character.  Although so new, Bumble has a homey inviting allure that somehow feels so familiar, like a long time favorite haunt.  Perhaps, we've found a place much like Bumble sometime in our lives. And so Bumble feels so right. 

The interior is decorated with cheerful pastel colors. Gwen designed and made the furnishings. It's cozy and informal; yet very smart and tasteful. A real delight.

The Cafe's pastry counter is filled with yummy cupcakes, pies, donuts, breads, chocolate souffles and  orange mousse cups.

Samantha Kazakov behind the pastry counter.

The Bumble Cafe has certainly renewed this community with a fresh jolt of energy. Traffic is up in Hallelujah. And every night a friendly crowd gathers on Bumble's back deck. I'm cheered to see so many old friends are dropping by. Regulars are known as Bumblers. I had proposed 'Get Stung at Bumble' as a slogan for the cafe. Rowan said that it sounds like a come on for a bordello. I see her point.

mmmm ... ice cream out on the deck

Courtship and Romance at Bumble Cafe

Gwenolyn Bieler chatting with Bumblers out on the deck

Former Mill Pondies are addicted to sitting on walls and fences.
From left to right: Rowan, me, Tamara, and Syd.

Rowan Masala adding her colorful personality to Bumble's colorful ambiance.


There is this wildly colorful tree beside the Bumble Cafe that perfectly matches its personality. I love camming its details from the deck.

I've said this many times; but, it's true. Hallelujah Azul is a special place. Drop by and see for yourself. Perhaps join us. We would love to add you as a fellow Bumbler at the Bumble Cafe.

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Gwen's post about Bumble on The Hallelujahs blog:

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