Friday, December 31, 2010

Rez Day - My Second Life Birthday

Today is New Year's Eve, and tomorrow, the beginning of a new year. Today is also my third rez day, and I enter the fourth year of my sojourn in Second Life. Three years ago, I was a college freshman attending an orientation demonstration of the online services and technologies that are available to students at my university. The presentation concluded with speculations of our online future. Its discussion of immersion in virtual worlds, such as that being pioneered by Linden Lab's Second Life, captured my attention and fired my imagination. And on December 31, 2007, Mariko Nightfire began her virtual life.

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Mariko Nightfire in my first year in Second Life

Mariko Nightfire in my second and third year in Second Life

Mariko Nightfire Today

Today is also the second anniversary of my blog. It's my pictorial diary and travelogue in this virtual world. I never expected its readership to extend much beyond myself and my circle of friends in Second Life.  When I added a counter last spring, I was astonished, thrilled, and humbled by extent of its readership worldwide. A writer is always grateful for an audience. So, I thank all of you, my dear readers, for your visits to my blog. And I hope that I can continue to hold your interest and perhaps entertain you over the coming year.

"Go to the map of Second Life, zoom out, and watch the islands and sims become as stars in a galaxy of multitudinous stars. And know that each star in this galaxy is the creative work of some person or group of persons. The thrill is discovering one that shines bright in the firmament." Mariko Nightfire