Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mariko Magic: New for Fall - MEB Bea

Bea from the MEB 2011 Fall/Winter Collection
In my native Hawaii, we have only two seasons - winter and summer, if you can call them that. Basically, the difference between the two is that the weather gets a little cooler, a little hotter, a little wetter, a little dryer. In the islands, the climate is always mild. It's paradise, after all. But, since I've been going to school in the Northeast and experiencing real changes in the seasons, all four of them, autumn has become my favorite time of year. I glory in the cool, crisp air, in the vibrancy of the yellows, oranges and reds of a sunlit foliage, and in the ectasy of falling leaves. And I'll gladly suffer the chiding of my friends for shuffling my feet through the piles of fallen leaves and kicking them into the air. Having never enjoyed such autumnal delights in my childhood, they can forgive me for indulging in them now. But...I am not unaffected by the barren landscapes and gray skies of late autumn. In the quiet twilight of evening, they evoke a pleasant melancholy that invites introspection and perhaps, just perhaps, stirs a longing to find contentment in the arms of someone special.

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With the change in seasons, there's excitement in the air as Second Life fashionistas and fashion aficionados greet the arrival of the new fall fashions. Especially exciting for me is the release of the MEB 2011 Fall/Winter Collection by my favorite Italian fashion designer and friend, MariaElena Barbosa, owner of MEB Fashion. The collection is stylish, sexy, and so flattering. There is so much to choose from. But I chose to highlight a lovely casual outfit from the collection called Bea. Why Bea? Because it's a charming little number that's sure to catch the eye of a special someone; yet, it's playful enough to wear when romping and stomping through those piles of autumn leaves.

Bea comes with a blood red, short chiodo suede jacket, gray tank top, and gray flexy skirt. Best of all, it also comes with these long black boots. Oh, by the way, a chiodo jacket is Italian for a bikers jacket. Bea is priced at L$450.

My hair is from EMO-tions and is called Fresh. Fresh was designed by Mirja Mills, owner of EMO-tions. EMO-tions has a large collection of styles, and the designs and textures are first rate. Fresh is priced at L$245 for a single color. That is high priced for just one solitary color and not a set of shades in that color. But good hair is hard to find, and I own a number of hair styles from EMO-tions. But at that price, I am more particular and buy fewer items than when shopping at a hair shop that offers more for the same price or even more at a somewhat higher price.

MEB FashionMain Store


Photos were taken at Provence Coeur and at the residence of my dear friend Jaysun Dagger.

Provence Coeur

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I hope that you enjoyed this look at MEB Bea. Take a trip to the main store of MEB Fashion and see the other wonderful outfits in the 2011 Fall/Winter Collection. You're sure to find some fashion magic there that's just perfect for you

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