Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Winter Walk on the Beach at Sylt in Second Life

The Lighthouse at Second Syltz

Jaysun invited me for a walk on the beach of Second Sylt, a recreation of the island of Sylt in northern Germany. He advised me to dress warm. It's winter, after all. I'm a tropical island girl having grown up in Hawaii. When I think of a walk on an island beach, I visualize palm trees, sand warmed by a hot tropical sun, bright turquois waters, and wearing as little as the last shred of decency would allow. Now, I'm told to bundle up. Well, I did so; with style, of course.

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Sylt (pronounced zoolt) is the northern most of Germany's North Sea islands. On its west shore, Sylt faces the North Sea where the waves and winds have made the island a mecca for windsurfing. And on that shore, affluent tourists flock to the longest continuous beach in Germany. But beyond the designer boutiques and expensive restaurants there is the Sylt of unspoiled beaches, flowering meadows, and high cliffs. Over half the island is protected land and conservation areas. A world apart from the resort areas, the east shore faces the more tranquil Wadden Sea. Here are spectacular vistas of coastal mudflats, wide beaches, and windswept dunes. Sylt is often called the ’St. Tropez of Germany.’ But that’s in the summer. Sylt is the most northern point in Germany, the same lattitude as southern Alaska. Although tempered by the Gulf Stream, winters are cold.

On the east shore of the island are the tidal mudflats of the Wadden Sea. Here is unspoiled nature. The mudflats provide a pristine habitat for countless species of wildlife including migratory birds and seals.

brrrrrrr ... it's cold!

The villages of Sylt are full of old Frisian houses with their traditional thatched roofs.

Outside of the tourists, the other well known inhabitants of Sylt
 are its sheep.

The views from these sand dunes are spectacular. But there is a cold wind blowing in from the sea. I'm not used to this. The sound you hear is my teeth chattering.

Trying to catch some warm rays from a fleeting winter sun.

Sylt is famous for these wicker beach chairs with colorful striped cushions called strandkoerbe.

The stroll on the beach was wonderful. But I'm chilled to the bone.

The nice thing about being cold is that it's an opportunity to get warm.

Second Sylt:

Video: Sylt Germany

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