Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pleasant Evening at Leesa's Beach Party

The party was well attended.

Maryjane Muggins, Birthday Girl

Hostess Leesa Donner and Friend Trenton Swain

Awww Trish and Rocko

Wearing my Freebie Icing Night Mist Dress

I just returned from a pleasant birthday party hosted by Leesa Donner for her real life friend, Maryjane Muggins. Many friends and acquaintances were there from Open Latte. I was especially happy to chat with Eurogeek Deutsch as I had not seen him in a long while. The event was held at Leesa's lovely beach property, and the decorations and setting were marvelously executed by the hostess. Couples were dancing on the beach and cuddling. I danced an ill synchronized salsa with Tuesday. Later everyone (except those cuddling) played Truth Ball. Luckily, I was asked only softball questions: 'Have you ever made an fool of yourself in front of someone you wanted to impress?' (OMG yes. Who hasn't) and 'What is your favorite Disney movie (Little Mermaid). Being with so many nice people and so many friends gave me a warm glow. Happy Birthday Maryjane and Thank You Leesa for a most enjoyable evening.

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  1. Mariko:

    Thank you so much for your lovely review of the party. It meant a lot for me to have you there as one of my oldest friends in Second Life. To me, it is the friendship in Second Life that keeps me coming back.

    The party drew at least 20 people last night, and while scheduled to 11 pm, lasted until the last dance at 3:15 pm EST. We played Truth Ball from 10:00 pm until about 2:45, amazing for our first real test drive...I'd say maybe we have a success in the making.

    Your party was the first at Leesa Beach, and this one the second. I think Maryjane had a memory maker.

    Thank you for the amazing photographs.