Saturday, February 6, 2010

Shall We Dance

Puttin' On the Ritz

Syd harbors a secret dream. He wants to be Fred Astaire. Yes, our Syd dreams of being cool and debonaire in top hat and tails. I just couldn't picture it ... we're talking about Syd. But then he did an  amazing impersonation of Astaire dancing Puttin' On the Ritz. At that moment, he really was channeling Fred Astaire. And I had an inspiration. I said to Syd, "Oooo Syd! I have a great idea. Let's put on a show." Syd thought it was a great idea. So we traveled to an inn in Vermont run by retired Army Major General Thomas F. Waverly (dear old man) and built a stage in his barn big enough for the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes and went to work practicing our dance routines.


Syd was an absolutley smooth and elegant dancer. Opening night was just 2 days away, and we needed one more routine. I put on my Rita Hayworth hair, and we danced what would be a rousing closing number. On opening night, all the rich swells from the city drove up to the General's Vermont inn in roadsters and chauffeured limousines and filled the barn. The show was a stupendous success. They loved us. And we raised enough money to save the inn from foreclosure. But then the county evoked eminent domain to condemn the property and gave it to a private developer to build a casino. I guess tax revenues trump property rights. The poor General ... it was just terrible. But they say that every cloud has a silver lining.  This abuse of government power opened Syd's eyes. He renouced his leftist ways, joined the Tea Party Movement and became a Republican. A happy ending, afterall.

Brilliant New Dance Team of Syd and Mariko
Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

Is it Fred or Syd?

Wasn't that Fantastic!

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