Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar Night at Hallelujah Azul

It's the Academy Awards at Hallelujah Azul

It was Academy Awards night at Hallelujah, and the community and its guests celebrated in a grand style.  'Twas a black tie affair and an evening of fashion, personality, and dancing. Everyone was absolutely dazzling, and, last night, Hallelujah's Town Square was the place to be and be seen. Indeed, there were a number of stars in attendence. It's these wonderful events springing from our spirit of community that have made Hallelujah a very special place.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them to their original size for better viewing.

Hostess Gwendolyn Bieler interviewing on the Red Carpet

Mervyn Rees as the star of The Big Bust and The Downward Spiral

The Lovely Alicia Chenaux on the Red Carpet

Eyes were on Johnny Firehawk

Lulubelle Muircastle tops the Best Dressed List with this fabulous gown
 by MEB Fashion aptly named Red Carpet

Tymmerie Thorne celebrates her Oscar

Me as Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady

Hallelujah Azul:

If you want to join our community there are a number of lovely rentals available or hang out at the Jittery Junco and become a Hallelujah regular.

Videos: My Fair Lady

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  1. Mariko,

    Thank you for including me in the photos of the festivities. You are not only a great blogger, but definitely have an eye for SL photography. I can NEVER get a good SL pic of myself for my user profile. Would you be able to send me that picture? It would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and the "belle of the ball" ??? Definitely you, Mariko.


    Johnny Firehawk