Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kasbah Comes To Hallelujah

New Kasbah Grand Opening in Hallelujah

There have been major changes at Hallelujah in the past few weeks. The big surprise was the transfer of ownership of the sim from PT and Owly to Gwendolyn Bieler. But this change actually means continuity.  As Gwen expressed it, "I love what Owly and PT have created, and I love being a part of it." And Gwen is committed to keeping Hallelujah a thriving community and building on Owly and PT's vision. This is actually a positive development as PT and Owly are not able to devote as much time to Hallelujah as they have in the past. Happily, the pair will still be around as beloved members of our community. PT is making Junco his home base. And Owly has an island in Hallelujah. And, as I brought Gwen to Hallelujah and introduced her at a Tub Talk, I feel good about the whole thing. One lesson learned from the demise of Mill Pond is that the active particpation of the sim owner is the indispensible element in maintaining a Second Life community that embraces a shared vision. We all have great confidence in Gwen.

The crowd begins to build on opening night.

The other major development, and a very exciting one, is the opening in Hallelujah of Kasbah, a gorgeous Moroccan-themed club that will feature a nightly line-up of live performers. Kasbah was originally operating on another sim where it had become one of the best venues for live performances in Second Life. The owners, AthenaLV Constantine and Loegan Magic, are former residents of Hallelujah who have now brought their successful club to a place that they have always considered home. It is wonderful to have them both back in Hallelujah.

Athena and Loegan booked a fabulous line-up of some of SL's best live musicians for yesterday's grand opening. The day of live music began at 10:00 AM SLT and ran through 11:00 PM SLT. Throughout the day, the crowd was building at Kasbah. By evening the crowd was enormous. It was one of the best music and dancing events that I have ever attended in Second Life. Congratulations to Athena and Loegan for a successful opening. Kasbah is a magnificent addition to the Hallelujah community.

AthenaLV Constantine hosting the grand opening
 in a fabulous outfit from ALB Dream Fashions

Naiya dropped by in the morning. She certainly has grown since becoming a runway model. She's over seven feet tall, the height required by most Second Life modeling agencies. Here I am trying to measure up to her. She is fabulous.

Lulubelle dancing in Kasbah's Great Courtyard

Stig made an appearance and looking grand.

Relaxing and listening to the music with my sister Victoria and Jaysun. Jaysun helped Athena and Loegan with preparing Kasbah. Jay did much of the landscaping.

Kasbah at Hallelujah

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