Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thursday Night Tub Talk at The Hallelujahs

The Girls at Tub Talk

Every Thursday evening, a special event for women is held at The Hallelujahs called Tub Talk. The Hallelujahs is a residential sim with a wonderful sense of community. Lovely layout and residences, a coffee house, dances at The Major Lift, good shopping, a community blog, and, every Thursday, a female resident of the sim hosts a Tub Talk. It's an event limited to XX chromosomes where tub talking girls relax in a hot tub and enjoy good companionship and lots of interesting girl talk. Although I am not a resident, I am a regular tub talker. One of the topics tonight was 'Marrage and Second Life'. The discussion ranged from 'what do husbands think about wives spending time in SL' to the ethics of being married in RL and married in SL but to different men. But its not always just talk. There was an infamous tub talk last October where 8 bikini clad babes in cowboy hats (including yours truly) piled on and rode a poor rubber ducky. The incident is known as the 'Cowboy Hat Duck Ride Orgy'. It you think that I'm making this up, the photographic evidence is posted below.
Eight Babes on a Duck - the Duck loved it.

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  1. Mariko, I can't believe I missed you at TT last week. It's been too long!