Thursday, December 15, 2011

I'm off to join the circus

The circus is coming to town. Excitement ran through small towns in rural America when posters heralding the arrival of a circus appeared on posts, walls and fences about town. On that most anticipated day, just about everyone would turn out and line Main Street for the grand parade of circus wagons, jugglers, clowns, stilt walkers, acrobats, pachyderms, and roaring lions and tigers, caged of course. But it was at the circus grounds where townsfolk entered a world outside their everyday experience. There, young people  would try their hand at games of chance and skill with an eye on impressing their friends and dates.  Curious fascination abetted by a slick talking carny drew many into the sideshow to gawk at the human oddities on display, and where they might just learn that 'there's a sucker born every minute.' But the main attraction was the laughter and thrills that awaited all under the canvas of the Big Top. That moment finally arrives when the tall mustachioed ringmaster strides to the center of the ring and loudly announces, 'Ladies and Gentleman, it's our pleasure to bring to you the Greatest Show On Earth.' And as they applaude the daring-do of the trapeze artists and the steely bravery of the handsome lion tamer, audiences  agree that it is indeed the greatest show. Thereafter, youngsters would dream of running off and joining the circus - and even some grownups would  too.

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Well, last week, I received an invitation to run off and join the circus coming to Costa Rica. It was a grand rez day party planned for the ever popular WK Ganesvoort.  Mariella created a most marvelous midway that perfectly captured in its detail the nostalgia of those traveling circuses of yesteryear. It made a wonderful backdrop for all the guests arriving as circus performers in colorful costumes. And the people wearing mesh fit right in as sideshow attractions.

WK Ganesvoort, the Guest of Honor
Winky the Rez Boy made his entrance as the circus ringmaster dressed in the ringmaster's traditional red topcoat with tails and  black top hat, and carrying the ringmaster's whip. WK looks like he also has a touch of Snidely Whiplash in him.

I came dressed as a circus rider. I might be perched atop a pachyderm in the circus parade and be part of a troupe of acrobatic horseback riders performing in the circus ring.

In circus clown society, each clown creates a  signature costume and face makeup design that uniquely establishes the clown's character. I personally find clowns scary. But, my friend Lulubelle made a delightful clown. We have our clown. Now, bring on the custard pies and bring out the seltzer bottle. 

I'm still waiting for my date to show up ... still waiting ... still waiting ...
Here he is. Jaysun is most handsome tonight. So I can't stay angry.
He can't wear that white tux when we shoot him out of the cannon.
Human cannonballs are a circus staple. I hope Jay lands in the net in one piece.

I'm walking the high wire without a net.
My experience as a balance beam gymnast really helped.

Happy Rez Day WK

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