Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Blog Enters Its 4th Year

Mariko Nightfire on my fourth Rez Day

I started my blog on the first anniversary of my virtual life way back on December 31, 2008. So today is the third anniversary of Mariko Nightfire a Virtual Life and my fourth rez day in Second Life. What is this blog about? My blog rarely comments on the great controversies and issues convulsing Second Life and Linden Lab. Nor does it offer technical instruction and advise because I'm not at all technically inclined. My blog is merely the diary of the virtual world experiences and impressions of a former late-teen and now twenty-something woman in Second Life. That and just a little more. So, I'm amazed at its readership and so pleased too. Many people come to my blog from Google searches. I'm fascinated by the search key words that brought them here. To the desperately lovelorn person googling 'Kimono clad Asian chicks enjoy a wild orgy', look no further, this is the place, not. But, I hope the person who googled  the 'most beautiful avatar in second life' found her here. And why would anyone be searching for 'sexy Walmart shoppers', and why would Google send them here? Over the past few months, I've been collecting lists of these Google searches, and I thought that it might be fun to have a look at them.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them for better viewing.

I've been compiling  the key words in Google seaches that bring people to this blog.
Quite a few google searches are for Second Life avatars. Among them are many of my dear inworld friends and acquintences. Let me list the key worlds in the searches: biggles magic, britney adder, catalina mistwallow, dagmar heideman, elizabeth hallstrom, hockey fouroux, jamie brayden song goddess, jaysun dagger, jenny silversmith, j1mmy weiland, johnny firehawk, jon harlow, lady thera, leesa donner, loelia zabaleta, lipo Giovanna, leena ying, meimei shiu, mony markova, morpheus barski, naiya kazyanenko, nine warrhol, owly indigo, painter meriman, vox rhiadra, samantha kazakov, scarlethoke susanowa, scylla rhiadra, shyla bookmite, smidget beaumont, sparks bravin, syd straaf, tricia frischien, victoria halostar, wk ganesvoort.

Zombies Zombies Zombies

Ya want brain munching zombies. I got 'em: zombies zombies zombies, zombies in a graveyard, in the event of zombie attack, life as a zombie, what does a zombie hunter look like, sexy zombie hunter, zombie hunter girl, zombie hunting, cool zombie images, flying zombies, zombie bite scene, are you ready for a zombie attack, they are closing in.

Are you searching for pretty girls?
I like to think that Google knew what it was doing when it sent these searches here: most beautiful avatar in second life, irresistable secondlife woman, virtual women, a hot virtual avatar, pretty avatars of second life, second life babes, best avatar 2011, drill platform girls, oil rig babe, colorful fashionable avatars, gorgeous formal model, beautiful girls in miniskirts, fantasy jungle princess images, nubia beauty, magical virtual world of princesses, sexy girls cabaret paris, second life princess, sexy women dressed in black lace, sexy air hostess, fall goddess, most beautiful goddess, best toga girls, attractive second life avatars, formal glamour sexy, golden brown with honey blonde, sexy nubian woman, russian ladies in winter, pretty girls from the 1600s, sexy lady in the meadow, serengeti babes, seductive magic, nightfire sexy, sexy mariko, sexy sexy sexy, sexiest fantasy female, is mariko pretty.

Perhaps naughty girls are your cup of tea.
Some googlers want something much more. And they come to MY BLOG to find it! mariko free nude vids, Kimono clad Asian chicks enjoy a wild orgy, girls gone wild, wild nudist life, bad girls of Christmas, seductive nymphs, sexy korean girl removes underwear, sexy japanese girls underwear gallery, SEXY CHINESE women in leather, Tight leather dress fantasy, sexy fantasy boot girls, image of babysitter in sexy outfit, leather sexy dreams, fantasy sexy angels, post six grrls, prostitution during the renaissance, my sister and i second life prostitutes, twin sister naughty, sexy virtual scene, anna's breasts, sexy look for a passionate night with the hubby, secondlife detention girl, flexi-woman, sexy fantasy chinese women, deadly and sexy women, castration fantasies photo collection.

High Brow Searches
I have wide interests in history, culture, and fashion that are often reflected in my blog posts. Among my most popular posts are my tours of Second Life's Sistine Chapel and Mont Saint Michel and a biographical note on Empress Theodora of Byzantium. My blog gets an occasional high brow search hit: vincent van gogh irises, famous renaissance art, evil vs. good renaissance art, michelangelo sistine chapel, sistine chapel expulsion, the temptation in garden of eden, alter of sistine chapel, resurrection of the dead in the last day, christ second coming, chinese ink brush paintings, mont saint Michel, saint auburt of avranches, city of darkness kowloon walled city, Empress Theodora, byzantine art and costume history, high architecture in byzantine, byzantine throne chamber, civilization: colonization age of discovery, parisian gas lights, moorish spain, alhambra lion court, court of the lions cordoba, the first great empire of Egypt, Egypt Old Kingdom art, the first ancient african empire, nubian empire, the nubian pharaohs, ancient nubian hair styles, byzantine empire art, sylt beaches, ancient phoenician clothing, 15th century russian fashion, 1600 spain's fashion, fire and ice poem, north african couture, traditional fashion of Africa, shweshwe fashion collection, shweshwe traditional wedding pictures, gulliver's travels, gulliver captured by Lilliputian, giant girl in Lilliput, la of opar, frank lloyd wright: robie house.

And some of the rest.
My favorite Google search brought to my blog is 'live a virtual life' as that's what my blog is all about. Others searches include: rock climbing in high heels, giant hamster cages, adorable donkeys, pug dogs in spring, komodo dragons in tuxedos, a real sexy komodo dragon picture, hard working animals, mortician job, russian embalming and funerals, woodstock mud fight, staked to the ground, what does effaced look like??, happy birthday belly dance, people looking at sky, my avatar looks weird without facelights, optimize your avatar look in your windlight viewer, favorite windlight settings, artificial life, Svarga, Lost Gardens of Apollo, Open Latte, Mill Pond, bumble cafe, Blarney Stone Bar, paris nightlife, autumn in second life, second life winter, russian snow princess, best skin in second life, pioneer woman with shotgun, miss virtual world, miss virtual world japan, second life relationships, asian avatars second life, tall amazons, avatars looking like people, sexy walmart shoppers, evil inspired fashion, sexy evil dark haired nymph, most important life forms on the planet, live a virtual life, mariko sexy blog.

As always, I am grateful for your readership, and I want to personally thank you for dropping by. As I begin my fourth year of Second Life blogging, I hope that I can entertain you and hold your interest over the next year. So please drop by again.

Your's Always, Mariko Nightfire


  1. For all you fashionistas, the outfit that I am wearing in the opening picture is a mix and match ensemble put together by Journey Lorakeet and featured in her blog, Prim Game Proper.

  2. Happy rezday Mariko and congrats on 3 years of blogging. I always thought that your blog was smart and entertaining.

    Some of those search terms made me laugh and I liked that you created thematic pictures to go with them.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog.