Monday, October 12, 2009

AVATAR MGZ - Hot Off The Presses

Mony Markova, Founder and Publisher of AVATAR MGZ

Yesterday saw the launch of AVATAR MGZ, an exciting new online magazine. AVATAR MGZ's  focus is on the avatars that inhabit our virtual world.  Mony Markov, publisher of AVATAR MGZ, sees her magazine as the People Magazine of Second Life. With insightful interviews conducted by Mony, AVATAR MGZ presents slices of Second Life that collectively promises to deepen our appreciation for the virtual world's creative richness and social diversity. I was thrilled to have been interviewed by Mony for the first issue; although I can't measure up to fellow interviewees: Skyra Woodget, a brilliant creator and entrepeneur, and Tankgirl Blackheart, who I am delighted to learn is larger than life in real life as well as in Second Life. Take a look at AVATAR MGZ. It is a fun read as well as informative.


A link to my interview in AVATAR MGZ:

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