Monday, October 5, 2009

Truthball Cafe Grand Opening

ArorA Chadbourne performing at the Truthball Cafe

Last night, my good friend Leesa Donner hosted a memorable Grand Opening for the Truthball Cafe, her stylish new coffeehouse. I've been excited about this opening for over a week because Leesa arranged for ArorA Chadbourne to provide the entertainment.  I get a special thrill being at an ArorA performance where large numbers in the audience are hearing her sing for the first time. ArorA's opening numbers are always Shock 'n Awe, and the audience reaction is fun to be around.  Its energy jolts everyone as would a sudden mega watt charge of electricity and then all are transfixed by the richness of ArorA's voice. And its impact is especially huge on new comers. Whenever I bring friends to a performance for the first time, ArorA's openings inevitably elicit IMs shouting 'WOW'.  And that new comer WOW factor was definitely in play at Truthball last night. The praise flowing from the guests for the performer and the songs was continuous. It was wonderful seeing ArorA connecting with her fans and gathering  many new fans as well.

The Truthball Cafe is a very classy establishment with a comfortable and inviting layout. I love its warmth and intimacy. Leesa always does everything well. We all miss the late Open Latte, and Leesa wanted to capture some of the feel of the early Open Latte in her cafe. And it certainly does. But, personally, I think that it captures more the style and attraction of my own late Tradewinds, a fine wine bar that I managed with my partners Erin and Tricia. Tradewinds was a smaller and more intimate, upper scale alternative to Open Latte, which had begun its decline. So Truthball Cafe has a special appeal to me. Its grand opening certainly showed off that appeal to all the guests. Everyone was very impressed and pleased with the cafe. I do intend to come often where I hope to meet my friends and make new friendships.

I was so happy to see Naiya at the grand opening. I haven't seen much of her since she began her career as a top Second Life fashion model. She looked fantastic.

My Sister Victoria and I entertain Stig with our synchronous dancing
while Rocko and Tricia are in their usual clinch.

Truthball Cafe

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