Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Photo Mariko for August

Another Photo Mariko set of pictures that are collected here with no particular theme in mind. I saw this adorable donkey standing in a poppy field at Aquitiane Coeur, a gorgeous sim set in eighteenth century France. I have an affinity for donkeys. Donkeys are hard working animals. They may occasionally complain by braying and braying. But give one an apple and you have made a friend.

Aquitiane Coeur: 

Click on the pictures to enlarge them for better viewing.

I love sushi and sashimi. But this is a mite too fresh.

I had a very enjoyable time exploring this fascinating underwater wonderland at Cheval de Mer, a private residence designed by Patch Thibaud.

Last month, friends and fans celebrated the birthday of AnaLee Balut, owner of ALB Dream Fashion. AnaLee's African and Moroccan inspired fashions are among the most original designs in Second Life. They certainly live up to the store's motto: 'Enlightening, Exhilarating Extraordinary'. A large number of well-wishers, wearing their favorite ALB outfits, gathered at the store for a group picture that was presented to AnaLee.

Lulu and me pondering where to go and what to do...

...and, of course, what to wear. I think we answered the last question.

Jaysun at the gate outside his new studio.

Jaysun arranged a nice little get-together to show off the studio
to old friends Maggie Beattie and Zoltan Barski.

I snapped this picture of Johnny Firehawk at the Bumble Coffee Shop.

Shopping with my dear friend Leena Ying. We both bought these Chinese style coats. Leena is owner of DrLife, one of the most successful businesses in Second Life.

I do a lot of shopping for pose balls to use in my fashion pics. This pose is a keeper, doncha think?

My Inventory is a vast and mysterious void. Sometimes I go exploring to see what exactly is in there. On one such expedition, in the deepest depths of my clothing file, I found this. What could I ever been thinking of when I bought this outfit?

Shantu Selene, my favorite live performer, was singing in an absolutely gorgeous club called the Star Bar Martini & Jazz Club. The dress is formal and the tropical flower ambiance, fabulous.

Star Bar Martini & Jazz Club

Rockin' and Rememberin' with Shantu Selene

Shantu Selene at the Star Bar Martini & Jazz Club

Star Bar Martini & Jazz Club

Euro Live Performer Carmen Roeth

Chatting with Stig at the Albatross Coffee Shop

Albatross Coffee House:

Ahhh ... Yes that's me!

Yeah, I know that I blogged this dinosaur exhibit in the last Photo Mariko. But I think that it deserves one more picture. It's so cool. The exhibit is in the Museum of Natural History located in Forum Europe.

Forum Europe:

Let's finish this month's Photo Mariko with three pictures taken at Opar, my country estate. The picture above was taken in Opar's lovely wildflower meadow.


Visitors to Opar:

Night Stroll at Opar


High above Opar is a giant crystalline sphere. Within the sphere is a sim-sized world as big as Opar itself called Pellucidar, a world within a world. It's the ultimate skybox.

Pellucidar - The World Within:

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