Thursday, February 25, 2010

Visitors to Opar

Taking in the views from the top of Wild Shore Island at Opar

I love the grand natural vistas at Opar, my personal estate. I have recently had a significant increase in the daily visitors to Opar. It's attracting couples who come to dance in the Villa and take romantic walks around the estate. I love having company at Opar, and I enjoy being a hostess showing new visitors around. But I don't advertise. The land mark is passed around among friends and to friends of friends. Readers of my blog can also get the SURL from this and other posts.

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One of my favorite activites at Opar is horseback riding. I am taking Nathan Hale, my horse, out for some exercise in the early morning. Mowgli, my tiger, usually accompanies us on our rides.

On a recent ride, I ran into a most welcome visitor, Shantu Selene, one of my favorite Second Life live performers.

Shantu mounted a horse and joined me on my jaunt.

Visitors to Opar arrive at my Italianate Villa

The Villa is a garden of hanging and potted plants. There are arched arcades, verandas, and patios where one can meet and dine with friends. In the residence, you'll find a large comfortable conversation area with a sweeping view of the fiord and its towering waterfall. There is dancing in the courtyard. With its fountain and Japanese lanterns, the courtyard is very romantic especially at sunset and evening. Formal attire is recommended when dancing in the courtyard; but not required.

A highlight of the Villa is the Rose Garden

Tall grasses along a shoreline

Beyond the Villa, there is much to see on the grounds of the estate. Everyone's favorite is the Wildflower Meadow. Couples always find their way to the romantic Hidden Forest. And people are enjoying sitting by the campfire on Wild Shore Island, looking at the stars in the night sky and listening the crashing of ocean waves below and the crackling of the fire.  There are many more areas of the estate to explore.

Wildflowers of the Meadow

Romance of the Hidden Forest

Opar has been featured in some of my posts on my fashion blog, and so I have been getting many inquiries about Opar. You are most welcome to visit my estate. Opar is not a public attraction. It is a personal residence where my sister Victoria and I reside. But I have opened it to the public, and all visitors are my welcomed guests. When you enter Opar, you will be given a note with just a few rules. Please take notice of them. If you are a photographer and are planning a shoot at Opar that requires rezzing objects like pose balls, let me know. I can give you temporary rezzing privileges. I hope you drop in for a visit, and I know that you'll want to come back again.


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