Friday, February 5, 2010

Pellucidar - The World Within


There is a giant crystalline sphere suspended 1000 meters above Opar, my sim and country estate. Its awesome diameter is the size of Opar itself. Within it is another world that I have named Pellucidar. The name comes from the works of the masterful science fiction writer Edgar Rice Burroughs. In a series of books, Burroughs' Pellucidar was a world lying within the sphere that is our planet - a world within a world. So Pellucidar is an apt name for the newest addition to Opar. Incidently, the fantastic worlds created by Edgar Rice Burroughs are the inspiration for James Cameron's film, Avatar.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them for better viewing.

A Glimpse of The World Inside

Pellucidar is a DrLife World, a creation of my dear friend Leena Ying, owner of DrLife. DrLife World is a 360 degree projection of a gorgeous scene on the inside of a sphere. The effect is spectacular as seen in the picture above. It truly has the feel of a world within. Three scenes are included in the product: a coastal scene (seen above), a snow scene, and a night scene with city lights in the distance. The scenes can be changed using a control panel or a HUD. DrLife World is available at the DrLife mainstore and sells for $1000L. You get three size worlds with your purchase. Amazingly, the worlds are only 7 prims.  So you will have plenty of prims left over to enhance your world with perhaps some buildings, trees, rocks, and other objects to create a wonderful private space. Why would anyone settle for a traditional skybox or platform when you can have an entire world.

Leena Ying, owner of DrLife

DrLife Main Store:

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