Monday, October 14, 2013

Tadaima! I'm Back.

These cherry blossoms are so lovely and teasingly playful. Only in Second Life ...

Goodness, it's been such a long while since my last post. But, it's good to be back blogging. Although I've been absent here, I haven't left Second Life. However, my real life had become exponentially busier. I just completed one graduate degree and started on what should be the final one.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them for better viewing.

Oh my, there's a strong breeze coming in.

Although I'm spending less time in Second Life, I'm still hanging out and dancing at my favorite pubs and clubs and shopping in the stores of my favorite fashion designers. And, of course, it's really my friends that bring me back to Second Life. However,  I'm finding so much nostalgia now in my Friend List - so many names no longer in this virtual world - so many dearly missed - so many memories of good times. One's circle of friends will always ebb and flow. That's life.  But, it seems so much more conspicuous in Second Life. STOP! I'm sounding too much like a SL old timer. Halloween is fast approaching, after all, and it's one of the most fun times of year in SL. So, let me do some exploring and find some Halloween magic for my next blog post.  

I better leave before this wind carries all these cherry blossoms away.

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