Thursday, October 31, 2013

Veil of Darkness

I love Halloween in Second Life.  There are so many attractions and activities. We wear the most fabulous costumes, attend Halloween parties and dances, and massacre zombies by the score at one of the Zombie Apocalypses that pop up during this fall holiday. But, Second Life's best Halloween tradition is exploring the delightful special Halloween attractions with their creepy mansions, haunted castles, ghostly graveyards, asylums for the homicidal insane, and amusement parks from hell and finding those that chill our bones and curdle our blood. My pick for this year's most bone chilling and blood curdling Halloween attraction is Veil of Darkness, build for our macabre enjoyment by Tuck Meredith and Tymus Tenk, owners of the wonderful  Calas Galahon Park

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Veil of Darkness covers an entire sim. So, there's much to explore and much to terrify us. Oh, that baby boomer sneaking up behind me at Veil of Darkness is my dear friend Syd. You might remember Syd from my post Shall We Dance. There are Halloween adventures to be had here. A marvelous adventure is the Swamp Raft Tour, a tour of the waterways and swamps of the Veil of Darkness. I made this raft trip with Jaysun.

We begin our adventure. Jaysun is piloting the raft, and I'm the lookout at the bow.

There are charming views along the river.

At first, it seems so lovely and tranquil.

But there are horrors lurking in the shallows.

And dangers along the shoreline.

The swamp is primordial and full of alligators and creatures out of time and myth.

And around the bend ... high adventure.

Later, I went exploring with Stevie and Chisaki, my two amigos in adventure, and we followed the mountainous path to the castle.
We found Syd was lurking in a shallow cave along the path. But, he's harmless. Nevertheless, we were lucky to make it to the castle alive. Many travelers before us weren't so lucky.

There were a lot of fat guys running around the castle with meat cleavers.
And they made quite a mess.
The castle is a maze of dead ends and hidden rooms. There were dangers and horrors everywhere. But, we kept our cool and our wits about us and slowly worked our way up the maze.

And at the top of the castle, we found an wonderful attic where we could relax among odds and ends from Alice's Wonderland. And memories of the horrors we experienced melted away.

Happy Halloween.

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