Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mariko Magic: Faerie Myst

Is it Spring yet? Just hearing 'Polar Vortex' sets me shivering and shaking. Brrrr ... I'm ready for Spring. Thank goodness Spring has already arrived in Second Life, and it's glorious. In springtime, I love wandering the forests of Opar, my country estate. For in the mists rolling down its mountain path, faeries hide and play.

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Faeries wear wings and nothing more. But, alas, fashion calls for something more. And modesty too. And so does my mother. Well, I found a wonderful compromise at Blue Moon Enterprises Women Clothing. It's called Night Air.  Its teasing yet graceful. It's night dark color gives it a touch of mystery. After all, not all faeries are innocent nor harmless. Night Air was designed by Solas (solasnagealai) and sells for L$350.

This now is my all time favorite self portrait.  It's so very Mariko.

The hair I'm wearing is an adorably cute shag called Sakura. It's perfect for a pixie faerie. Sakura is available from ARGRACE and was designed by irka Oyen. It sells for L$250 per color and L$1500 for a nine color fat pack.

Blue Moon Enterprise Women Clothing 


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