Thursday, September 24, 2015

Narcissistic Little Me

YIKES! Its been an eternity since my last post. But, I've been inspired by Emerald Wynn's recent return to Emerald's Eyes, her wonderfully entertaining SL blog, after a similarly long absence. Oh, I've been around ... although you wouldn't know that by the paucity of posts over the past two years. And, I'm amazed at the number of hits this blog still receives. It's gone over 100,000 hits in my absence. Thank you Dear Readers for dropping by and please stick around. I promise that I'll post more frequently than once a year. Well, I am back, and, as you might expect, my first post upon returning is a narcissistic exercise featuring me modeling some lovely SL fashions.

Please click on the pictures to view them in their full size glory. 

While exploring one day, I stumbled upon this really creepy city full of tall buildings all bending as if wilting in the heat of a hellishly hot day. As if that wasn't creepy enough, the place was inhabited by neutered little men walking around naked in circles and floating away holding helium balloons. I guess guys that have been neutered might just walk around in circles or want to float away. Creepy... nonetheless, I immediately thought, 'What a wonderful place for me to stop awhile and pose for some pictures in my undies.'


So I did. Hmmmm, I'm actually wearing the Helen minidress by Utopia, not lingerie, supposedly. To be fair, I'm wearing the skimpy lace version of the dress. But, it's still like walking around in one's underwear. Showing off am I? Well yes, I'm being narcissistic after all.



This snow clad wintry place is called Dreamers. Its a creation by virtual artist Cica Ghost. I'm not the adoring object of the dreams of these dreamers. Far from it. Just look at them. They are all avoiding looking in my direction while sticking their snooty noses in the air. I'm not use to being so ignored, and this is positively insulting. I'm wasting this sexy pose and this wonderfully colorful outfit on these cretins. This dress is called Patchwork Multicolor and was designed by the highly talented xy Randt (xy Kirax). Sadly, she recently closed her store, My Style, and will take a break from Second Life. But, she told me that she'll return in a few months and hopefully reopen her store. I hope so. I love her outfits. But, right now, I have need of a suitable fashion accessory to complement the ambiance of this locale ... a sledgehammer would do. There are some rocks around here that need some smashing.

Dreamers by Cica Ghost:

Moving beyond the cretins, Dreamers is visually awesome with vast snowy vistas. It's like being 'North of the Wall' in Games of Thrones. No, that's not Jon Snow (sigh), commander of the Night's Watch, with me. It's my dear friend Jaysun (sigh) who teleported here to do some exploring with me. He does resemble Jon Snow (sigh). We need to be more warmly dressed ... Winter is Coming.

Readers of this blog know that Jaysun and I go way back. This is a picture of us dancing at Opar, my country estate, in 2008. He's lost some weight and grown some hair since then. If you look very closely at this picture and the previous one, you might notice that Jaysun is still wearing the same flipflop sandals even after all these years.

Thank goodness, a fashion picture without neutered little men or stony cretins. I like this picture because orange is my favorite color. And this orange top and capri pants is from Luxe Paris Fashion House and is called Marilyn. Orange is the color of Autumn, my favorite season, and the color of Halloween. I'm so looking forward to Halloween.

Lux Paris Fashion House:

The Zombie Hunter

Around Halloween, Second Life becomes infested with brain munching zombies so much so that many towns and cities become virtual zombie apocalypes. It's this time of year that I don my zombie hunting gear and declare war on these mindless reanimated corpses.

It's World War Z, and my comrade-in-arms  is none other than Jaysun Dagger (sigh). Doesn't he look dashingly handsome?

Jay and I employ many highly effective strategies against our undead enemy. Here, I'm perched on top of a pile of boxes offering myself as bait. I don't know whether they were drawn by my brains or by my Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum, but I attracted a large ravenous hoard of zombies. And as they staggered toward me, Jaysun mowed them down with staccato bursts of gunfire. Zombies in Second Life explode and make a bloody mess when hit by bullets. Jay and I were very successful that day. The brain munchers perished by the hundreds.

A preview of Mariko's Halloween this season.

A Slice of Cheesecake

Time out for some Cheesecake Mariko. "This Fluffy Japanese Cheesecake is so light and soft that it will literally melt in your mouth." And this scrumptious morsel is sweetly dressed in an outfit called Remember Me from Shu Shu and designed by owner Shu Shu Congrejo. Doesn't this slice of cake look irresistibly delicious? A very narcissistic dessert.

Shu Shu:

Sometimes I like to make a dramatic entrance. Wearing this black top called Spiky Fur by Gizza Creations made my entrance all the more dramatic.

Both dramatic and narcissistically cute.

Sa Na Rae is a place of peaceful calm. And it's also a wonderful place for Second Life photography. It made for a fascinating photo background for this exotic combination of the LAKSHMI  Ilsa Top and tapestry LAKSHMI Belinda Skirt found naturally at LAKSHMI.

Sa Na Rae:


I was going to take further advantage of this beautiful place and shoot some more fashion photos wearing other outfits. I removed my top to replace it with a mesh one, and I was struck at how lovely I looked standing there bare-breasted. A very narcissistic moment.

A Work of Art

So I just had to pose for some photos right then and there. SaNaRae forbids public nudity; but, some allowances are made for second life photographers. I didn't get permission. However, no one else was in the area, and I wasn't going to be taking any salacious pictures. I had art in mind. Hold it right there Mariko, this picture seems a little risque, especially for you. Is it really, truly art? ... Yes, it is! ... It isn't narcissistic exhibitionism?  ... No, its art! ... You're convinced of that? ... Definitely, yes! 

It's time that I conclude this post on a high note. I may be a narcissist; But, I can't end this post with a risque partially nude picture of me work of art. That would end the post on a low note. So let me end it with this pic. I may be with those creepy little neutered guys; but, at least its not an indecent exhibition of salacious narcissism a work of art. And, it's a MINIDRESS, not underwear.

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