Sunday, December 6, 2015

How I Spent My Second Life Halloween

The best place in Second Life to spend Halloween is at Calas Galahon Park, Tuck Meredith's and Tymus Tenk's wonderful gift to Second Life. Halloween at Calas Galahon gets better and scarier each season. And this year, it was most wondrous and terrifying. Tuck and Ty created a lost kingdom filled with mysteries and horrors. I couldn't wait to explore it with Jaysun.

Click on the pictures to see them in their full enlarged glory.

I met Jaysun there, and we began our exploration on the scaly back of a winged dragon.

It was a very harrowing experience. Our dragon climbed high over the mountains and then swooped down at high speed, twisting and turning in flight over the ruins of a long abandoned city. Abandoned by its human inhabitants that is.

The dragon deposited us in the city, and we continued exploring by boat. Yes, that's Jaysun under that skull head mask. Well, he said he was Jaysun. But, he's holding me awfully close and tight. Maybe too close and tight. Hmmm ... I don't remember Jaysun having such squinty eyes?

Well, I had more immediate dangers to worry about. Such as fire-breathing dragons.

And long dead warriors who might not remain so long dead.

And spirits from long forgotten ancient realms.

Some images were truly disturbing.

Wouldn't you know it that we would end up in the snowy realm beyond The Wall. Winter is coming, and I felt a chill.  And it wasn't only due to the cold. 'Jaysun' pulled out a flashlight from under his coat and was flashing it on and off. Was he signalling to someone or something?

In reply, a blood curdling shriek came from the forest.  And an apparition from hell came rushing towards us drawing an arrow on his bow. 'Jaysun' or whoever he was reared back his head and let loose a burst of maniacal laughter - BWAHAHAHA

He waved at the apparition and shouted, "I brought her to you like I promised."  
I immediately turned and fled. Then, I heard a loud thud and a "WTF".  I looked back and saw 'Jaysun' on his back in the snow with a feathered shaft through his black heart. The skeletal creature with the bow muttered, "Oops ... Sorry!" and laughed. 

A stone wall blocked further escape. Scratching and clawing their way out of shallow graves, more skeletons rose from the snow all around me. Heaven help me, what am I going to do?

Well, they are all so sweet and taken with me that I invited them to accompany me home to Opar, my country estate. After all, what girl wouldn't want to be pampered and wooed on Halloween? 

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