Sunday, January 17, 2016

Fabulous Avatars - Round One

Casy Brouwer

One of the great pleasures of Second Life is Avatar Watching. We all do it. For most of us, our avatars are our most creative and personal expression of ourselves in Second Life. But, not all avatars are created equal. The special ones sparkle with a creativity that make them distinctive. You recognize them. They need not be Miss Virtual World and are probably not; but, they have something about them that shines. It may be a unique avatar dressed in an awesome outfit or exhibiting a number of qualities that expresses the personality behind this avatar. Well, I want to feature them in this and future Fabulous Avatars posts. When I come upon an absolutely fabulous avatar, I'll snap a candid picture that I hope will capture that creative sparkle. So, let's begin with Fabulous Avatars Round One and present some truly fabulous Second Life residents.

Click on the pictures to view them in their full size glory.

Móni (mony.markova)

Blaby (blabytych)

Hreidmar Lothbrok

Indii Tolson


Val Kyrie

Veronika Vaniva

Edward Pearce

Seradin Carona

Eve Whiterose

Raspberry Lemondrop and her dance partner Mason

Catnip Rosie Mibu

Yuki Takashi

Edward Hyde not Dr. Henry Jekyl

Marita Decosta

TaylorSwift Wildrose

Ireland Barrymore

Nitsky Zapatero

Jane1 Bookmite

Darius Godric

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