Friday, February 26, 2016

Photo Mariko - Favorites from 2014

I've been neglecting my blog for a long time and couldn't help but notice that I made only a single post in all of 2014. I do have a fair collection of photos for 2014, many of them were going to appear in the blog that year. Unfortunately, my first year of law school kept me otherwise busy and away. I want to make up for that conspicuous void in my blog, so I went through the pictures and picked out some favorites from 2014 for this Photo Mariko post.  Let's open with a picture from a planned fashion post which would have featured this incredibly horrid outfit of a supposedly Native American inspired design. I modeled this ridiculous dress parading down the streets of Manhattan at midnight like a ... I don't know what was in my mind at the time. But, I like the picture.

Click on the pictures to view them in their full size glory.

Who doesn't love dinosaurs, especially T-Rex? They may be extinct in real life; but, they still run around here in Second Life. This one is a particularly marvelous specimen. Did you know that female tyrannosaurs are much larger than their male counterparts? Yes, they are. Have you ever noticed that there's also a lot of giant women also running around in Second Life? You don't see a logical connection? Hmmm ... forget it ... neither do I.

A horse pulling a sleigh on ice with falling snow and the moon hanging high in the sky. There must be some poetic symbolism somewhere in that. But, I can't figure it out. Well, anyway, I think that it's a pretty scene. My blog comments are coming off kinda strange and off focus. You might be thinking that Mariko is in a confused state of mind. I am. I'm watching the Republican Primary Debate. 

Right now, Donald Trump is throwing insults left and right in this so-called debate. I'm confused. This man throws little old ladies out of their homes to build hotel parking lots, and he's going to make America great again? He's all bomb-throwing soundbites and no substance - a most obnoxious man. 

I turned off the debate even though I think Marco Rubio is cute. Their playing 'gotcha' grew very tiresome, very quickly. I wanted to know the judicial temperament and philosophy of justices the candidates would nominate to the Supreme Court, among other things. I learned very little from this debate, and that's the fault of the debate moderators who are also very much into the gotcha game and provoking confrontation rather than debate of important issues. My consolation is the happy knowledge that the Democrats are sweating out the possible indictment of their front runner while lefty-loony Bernie is giving her a run for her money. I could use a nice cup of tea right now and the company of some good friends.

Especially if that tea is served in a room designed by my dear friend Jaysun Dagger.

Photographic evidence that the hottest ladies in Second Life congregate at Johnny's Pub.

I want to know where the hottest guys in Second Life congregate. However, I do know where the sweetest guy hangs out. My dear English friend Soy Source is a fixture at Blarney Stone Irish Pub. I met him when he was a fixture at the Open Latte Coffee Shop in the long gone, but lovingly remembered, Mill Pond. Ohhh Soy, I'm sorry ... those opening sentences didn't come off well ... you're both  the  hottest and sweetest.

I seem to have spent a lot of time in 2014 floating around in crystal spheres.

They had some sort of attractive power over me.

I wish that I could remember where I photographed this intriguing time piece.

One of the best things about Second Life is that I get to go into outer space with Jaysun. And I also get to wear a really cool spacesuit.

I like the pose that Jaysun is striking in this picture. Jay is the one on the left.

In 2014, I rented a little house in the community of Philomenaville, a small town set in the early years of the 20th century (sadly now closed). It's a very charming place, very Americana, and the people there were wonderful. Here, I'm off to a date with a guy that my Second Life sister Victoria set me up with. 

This is the last time Victoria will ever set me up with a blind date. Oh okay Vic, so this is not my date. Are you telling me that he ate my date? And now he wants dessert?

Fortunately, a couple of  night fisherman rowed by who were out catching frogs for a local French restaurant. I think that it's poetic justice that my 'date' ended up as dinner on some diner's plate, or at least his legs did.

Fall arrived in Second Life when I took this picture. Sometimes, I'll loose my thoughts pleasantly in the melancholy of an overcast Autumn day.

My 2014 Halloween picture. I think that I look like the Wicked Witch of the West played by the marvelous Margaret Hamilton. 

See the resemblance.

Well, its winter and 2014 is coming to a close. And it was a very good year as all years are in Second Life.

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