Sunday, February 21, 2010


I do so enjoy relaxing with a nice cup of tea and chatting with Jaysun at the end of a day. What is it that we talk about?  Well ... bend an ear and do alittle eavesdropping:

[14:39] Jaysun Dagger: I see Ancient Egyptians

[14:40] Mariko Nightfire: Better than seeing zombies

[14:40] Jaysun Dagger:Yes UNLESS THEY ARE

[14:40] Jaysun Dagger: I don’t think so - they are not staggering forward with arms out

[14:40] Mariko Nightfire: Are mummies zombies?

[14:42] Jaysun Dagger: I think pretty close

[14:42] Jaysun Dagger: maybe not eating human brains....

[14:43] Mariko Nightfire: I think that if mummies eat solid food, their teeth fall out

[14:43] Jaysun Dagger: haha where did you hear that?

[14:43] Mariko Nightfire: lol I made it up

[14:44] Mariko Nightfire: OK .. they suck your brains out with a straw up your nose

[14:45] Jaysun Dagger: ack!

[14:45] Mariko Nightfire: lol Thats part of the mummification process in ancient egypt

[14:45] Mariko Nightfire: For Real

[14:46] Jaysun Dagger: They probably are zombies - looking to replace lost brains

[14:46] Mariko Nightfire: I guess that would make them very picky on whose brain they suck out

[14:46] Mariko Nightfire: Joe Biden is safe

[14:55] Jaysun Dagger: Hahahha

[14:55] Jaysun Dagger: He is pre-sucked

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