Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tuesday's Photo Shoot

Tueday's Photo shoot at Opar's Wild Shore

Last night, I logged in and rezzed in my villa at Opar and was simultaneously greeted with an IM from Tuesday. 'Your timing is impeccable. I'm naked on the rocks by the surf.' Oh my, I immediately flew to Opar's wild shore. Yep, there was Tues stretched out in her birthday suit on a rock. The ocean was swirling all around her and white spray erupting skyward as waves thundered onto the rocks of the wild shore. She looked beautiful amidst the watery chaos. I was really stunned by how lovely she looked. Bunny Brickworks was there taking the final pictures of Tuesday for her Post 6 Grrrl feature column in the Second Life Herald. Now, Tuesday is a very modest girl. So I took advantage of this rare opportunity and took a lot of pictures of her myself. There might be some blackmail value in them. At the conclusion of the shoot, I chatted a little with Bunny. Bunny enthused that Tuesday was an awesome model. Later, Tuesday told me that she suggested to Bunny that she consider me for a feature spread, and that Bunny replied that she was already thinking the same thing. I haven't been approached. And I don't think I'd be too keen on having nude pictures taken of me. I'll put Bunny's pictures of Tuesday on the blog after Tues shares them with me. And I'll place a link to Tuesday's feature spread when it is published.

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