Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Second Life Herald to do a feature spread on Tuesday

Tuesday Bekkers

Tuesday trying out different looks at Opar

Bunny Brickworks, feature writer and photographer at Second Life Herald

Post 6 Grrrl always concludes with a nude photo

Yesterday, I received an IM from my good friend Tuesday Bekkers with exciting news. At a sandbox, she met and had a friendly chat with Pixeleen Mistral, the Managing Editrix of the Second Life Herald, 'the' newspaper of record and opinion covering all aspects of SL. Pixeleen found Tue's appearance very distinctive and wants to do a spread of Tuesday in the paper's 'Post 6 Grrrl' feature column. The column features a sexy girl in pinup poses and also presents some of her background and vapid insights on life, virtual and real. The final picture in the spread is always a nude photo.. uh ohhh Tues. It's much like the girly features in British tabloids. Well, Tuesday certainly is a cutie and will more than hold her own with the girls previously featured. I'm certainly looking forward to the final pic of Tueday's spread. I'll post it large right here on my blog.

The 'Post 6 Grrrl' column belongs to Bunny Brickworks, a feature writer and photographer at the Second Life Herald. I just love her name. Tuesday suggested taking some of the pictures at Opar. I welcomed Bunny to my estate as she teleported with Tuesday to Opar to look at some potential locales for the shoot. Bunny was friendly and funny and looked alot like Rosaline Russell in the move The Front Page (she is a journalist after all). Today, Nate Ninetails, Bunny's RL husband of 17 years, dropped by. Both Nate and Bunny are SL and RL photographers. I have seen some of their work, and they are very talented artists. Nate found a location at Opar that he says is perfect for a photo shoot that he is planning. I'm so happy for Tuesday. And I'm heartened that art professionals are praising Opar. I'll have to prepare a future post on my personal estate.
Link to Second Life Herald: http://www.secondlifeherald.com/
Nate Ninetail's Photostream: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nateninetails/

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