Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Visit to Naiya's Place and the Mill Pond Tavern

Naiya and Jaysun

The Gathering: Jaysun, Naiya, Me, Rocko, and Tricia

The Old Mill Pond Tavern Resurrected

Awww Trish and Rocko

Too Much Champagne

A gathering of friends is a moment to treasure. One by one a gathering of friends was building at Naiya’s apartment in Mill Pond. Jaysun and I were taking a stroll around the new layout of Mill Pond when both of us were called back to real life; he by business and me by a late lunch. When I returned to Mill Pond, Jay was visiting Naiya in her apartment, and an invitation was sent out for me join them. Shortly thereafter, Tricia dropped in, followed by her SL husband, Rocko. The little gathering was complete.

This gathering was especially dear. For it was the first meeting in the new year by some of my oldest friends in Second Life. Naiya Kazyanenko is from England and widely regarded by those in my sphere as ‘the best of the best’. Indeed, she is. Whenever someone has a building project, they call on Naiya knowing that she will unselfishly donate her time and talents. It was Naiya who built my magnificent Italianate villa at Opar. Jaysun Dagger is my friend, protector, confidant, and fellow SL explorer. He is very special. Tricia Frischein and I go far back in SL time. We were once partners in a fine wine bar named Tradewinds. I have many fond memories of that place. Rocko Olifone is a newer friend. He entered Second Life a long time ago but left for an extended period. Upon his return, he and Tricia found each other. Theirs is one of the most enduring relationships that I know of in Second Life. Every girl here wants to know if Rocko has a brother.
Naiya treated us all to champagne. The small talk began with the latest drama incident at Open Latte and moved, naturally, to the latest changes in Mill Pond. One change was especially satisfying to me. The old Mill Pond Tavern had disappeared during the last reconstruction of Mill Pond and has been restored in the new. When Micala appeared at Open Latte to inform everyone of the rebuilding, I appealed to her to bring back the tavern. Micala said that the taven was not in the plans for the new Mill Pond but perhaps it might be in a future Mill Pond. She obviously had second thoughts as it is back and in a wonderful location. I am so happy. We all went to see the resurrected tavern. I hope that it becomes popular because it is far superior to Open Latte in its accommodations and has a rustic charm that the coffee house can’t match.

We all had a great time. But,the day was ending and I was feeling the effects of the champagne. In real life, I have a very low tolerance for alcohol. A single glass of wine would have my face flushed and me walking unsteadily. It must be the same for me in Second Life. As soon as I sat down at one the tables outside the old tavern, I slumped over the top of the table in a drunken stupor. Jaysun suggest that I needed a cup of strong coffee. I needed to return to RL before I passed out, and did.

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